Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 goes where you go, on all your devices

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Introducing Office 365 Business!

How to check your email on your Goose Creek CISD Computer......

Check GCCISD email at home.......

Sign into Microsoft Office 365

Username: full primary email address

Password: Same as your computer login

Sign into Microsoft Office 365

Click this button to login to Office 365

Office 365 Homepage

When you login from the microsoft website, this is what you will see.
Big image

District computers already have Microsoft Office installed. Do not install now on a Goose Creek Computer.

E-Mail is located on the homepage or the upper left corner tile icon.

If you do not have Microsoft Office at home, you can install on your desktop from here (Install Now) on your home computer and other mobile devices.*

* The license is tied to your Goose Creek CISD email address. If you leave the district your license will no longer be active.

Want to Change your office 365 Settings?

Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner to access the settings for 365. You can update your Theme or your Start page when you first login.

Update or Add email to Cell Phone

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