I feel as though Revlon is a corporation that controls a society in a lot of ways. The first thing I would like to point out is that they tell women to apply this product to their faces and skin to look nicer. I feel as though this puts a hold on society and control because it causes us to live in that mindset. Instead of society embracing women the way that they are they push them into things that will alter there appearance and makeup is just the first of them. During this essay I will share some key facts and show you the truth behind the commercials we see everyday.

Which photo meets societies standards?


To wrap this all up society gives the citizens in it a standard to live by. A standard that stands alone and has nothing to do with people embracing who they are but it embraces what society believes they should be. I honestly feel as though the way we Americans live mimic a Dystopian Society in a lot of ways. We often fall short to ourselves and make ourselves unhappy because of what we saw on TV, or what we read in a magazine and we don't match that . It basically tells us here try this you feel better about yourself. Its almost like brainwashing its like we are robots, we become programmed to think that the things and people we see on TV are perfect and what we truly desire to be is wrong. I chose Revlon because I feel like we as women are the most naive ones. We want to look right in the eyes of men or compete with the females around us. We should be more satisfied with who we are not what society wants us to be. If God wanted everyone to have perfect skin and nice makeup he would have given us that in heaven. We are all different for a reason. Weather you are 8 or 81 you are beautiful because your breathing. your Everyday someone goes missing trying to find themselves. Ever stop to think that its because we dont have enough strength to be who we are, and enjoy being that.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting- Ralph Waldo Emerson