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February 2016

Love Your Campus Day

On Friday, February 12th at 1pm, the students of Croton and community volunteers will be making a difference to the environment by sprucing up the campus. Students will help beautify the campus by planting, weeding, and mulching school grounds. Each grade level will be given a specific area of the campus to spruce up in preparation for Croton’s 50 year celebration. This event will be named “Love Your Campus Day”. Through this school wide effort, we hope to foster a community of students who love their school and continue to value the environment.

We are asking parents and local business to donate materials, time, or monetary funds to the beautification project, to help students do great things for their school. Satellite Beach Lions club was the first to help with a grant of $250. If you can see yourself participating in this event on Friday, February 12th please call Cristin Taylor at 259-3818 x41073, or email at

Ways you can participate

Donate items such as; gift cards to Lawn and Garden stores, plants, potting soil, gardening tools, (list of needed plants will be provided)

Volunteer to ask business for donations of items, or equipment, or manpower

Join in at 1pm on Friday, February 12th to help facilitate the work the students do

Croton PTO is on Facebook!

Attention Croton Families. Croton PTO now has a Facebook page! If you have a Facebook account, you can find it by searching for Croton Elementary PTO. Here you will find updates about events happening at Croton. In order to keep updated, please LIKE the page. We hope you will find this form of communication useful.