Johannes Gutenberg

By: Kassandra Velarde


Do you love to read books? You should be thanking the man named, Johannes Gutenberg! He was the man who reinvented the world with words.

Early Life

Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1395 at Mainz,Germany. He spent most of his life in Mainz, but his family then moved to Strasburg,Germany. Boys were taught to read handwritten books and manuscripts, but is was very difficult to understand their writing. He loved to read so much!

Loved To Read

The Printing Press

As Gutenberg started growing up, new ways of making books came in. These new ways were a bit hard to use, but still better than handwritten copies. This was called block-printing. Block printing took a very long time to block one page. Gutenberg had other work and hobbies to do other than reading. He attended the University of Erfurt. Gutenberg grew up as a German blacksmith, goldsmith, and a merchant. He enjoyed making things. He had once tried to make a holy mirror which was unsuccessful, but he still had other ideas. That is when he had an idea of making a new and quick way to print. He would be the first to invent the printing, so he began project. He was determined to successfully complete the printing press. After so much work, he ran out of money. Gutenberg then ran into a man named, Johann Fust. He became interested in Gutenberg's plans, so he let Gutenberg use money. With the money he made he sold about 200 copies of the Gutenberg Bible. In 1455, Fust starts to become impatient with Gutenberg, so he takes him to court for mishandling his funds. The court ordered in favor of Fust. That left Gutenberg bankrupt!

Later Life


Johannes Gutenberg died on February 3,1468. He was buried in Mainz,Germany, but the cemetery where he was buried got destroyed. Now his grave is lost. After his death millions of bibles were sold and he became very famous for making the an easy and quick way to print books.

What Johannes Gutenberg was Known For

Johannes Gutenberg was known for making the first printing press and from there it started spreading the word. Johannes Gutenberg is the man you should be thanking since he filled your life with words.