AM National Newsletter

#11 | Week 1 | October 2015

The Raise Race starts now!

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Let's look at the stats - over 300 GCP EP applications on Podio and only 54 EPs have paid!
Our challenge to you until the end of October is to bring your LC to the top and become a weekly "Top Converter" by Opening your ICX forms and putting your OGX EPs on EXPA!

Bring glory across all 4 Exchange Programs and be the one who enables life-changing experiences!

Operations Update

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You couldn't live another day without knowing how your LC fared last week, could you?

It's the second week of our Winter Peak Operations update and it is up and flashing in the Malaysian AIESECers Facebook group. Be sure to also check out the Operations dashboard by clicking the button below to have an overview on all the current standings!

The world of S&S

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"Value delivery happens at Realization" - this is the customer-centric and quality-driven motto by which our national operations are being run this year. But sometimes, we really do not have clarity or ideas on how to really drive these quality experiences in our LCs.
But this is now over as we bring to you your own S&S Induction Package!

Check your package here:

This booklet is provided to let AIESEC in Malaysia have a clear overview and ideas on what is Standard & Satisfaction doing in order to support our focus of Quality of Value Delivery.

This is provided as an overview to AIESEC in Malaysia on how our customer feedback and customer complaint are functioning for each programme.

To understand how your LC is doing in order to ensure full customer satisfaction!

Road to AMAN 2016 | Week 3

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Ready for another award revelation on the Road to AMAN 2016?

This week we bring to you the Most Progressive Award, an opportunity for our smaller roaring tigers to show the network how they can be a role model for growth!
This award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in driving a holistic, relative growth in your LC - be it a big one or a small one!

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In Other News

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Q3 Review and Quarterly Performance Reviews

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> Financial Analysis and RIC Central conference management

John (Operations)

-> Indonesia-Malaysia Strategic Alliance and IR General Workflow

Edward (iGCP)

-> National NGO Raising and Functional Summit

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> EYP Expectation Setting meeting and RIC Facilitation

Erik (S&S)
-> LEAD Conference coordination and EP Buddy Guildelines

Manu (OD)

-> SONA Q3 Report and Growth Model education

JT (Expansion)

-> RIC North Delivery and SUVP/LCVP Exp support

Paul (Marketing)

-> IR Country Mkt materials and Member on Exchange project

Kenny (BD)

-> Generating leads and LC UM Replanning and LCM

Govi (BD)
-> Northern sales and UTP LLDS Delivery