Risky Online Relationships

By Jacey Klassen

Amanda Todd #RIPANGEL

A story of a little girl who thought someone was someone the weren't. She made a big mistake opening up to this guy. She made bigger mistakes on the live web with him. with just one little screen capture, he exposed her to everybody she knew. She was never treated the same by anybody. Then took her own life because he never stopped...

find more @ http://nobullying.com/amanda-todd-story/

Always know what you are doing on the web. It may have a permanent effect on your life..

Know exactly what your getting into

Don't give out personal things.

Never give out to anybody to much information. It could put you and your family in great danger. If its someone you've never met in your whole entire life and you give out information that its personal, or expose your body online it could have a lasting effect on you. Even if you think you know that this person is legit. There's still a chance that he may not be. You always have to be aware of who it is. Make sure you are being smart and safe. If you have a problem with someone bothering you on the internet talk to someone. Ask them to help you get rid of this person. About 20 percent of daters admit they lie about themselves online, according to a survey research study done by many places. Its important to focus on the obvious signs of a fraud.

http://www.wayne.k12.ms.us/ http://abcnews.go.com/gma/story?id=3285863&page=1

By Jacey Klassen

Thank you for learning more about internet safety :)