An Endangered Animal

By Gracie D.

What are Orangutans?

Orangutans are shy, lazy creatures. They are also a type of ape. They live in parts of Asia such as Sumatra and Borneo.They enjoy swampy level forests with many trees. When you first catch a glimpse of Orangutans, you basically see a monkey covered with long, reddish hair. Orangutans have small ears and small eyes. The average weight for an orangutan is 88 to 200 pounds. Its length falls between 31 and 38 inches. Orangutans eat fruits and plant shoots.

How Many Orangutans are Left on Earth?

There are only around 150,000 orangutans left on planet earth. They are ranked number 42 on the endangered animals list. That means humans need to act fast to save them.
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What Can You Do To Help?

You can help orangutans by encouraging people not to destroy these beautiful creatures' habitats. There habitats are the most important thing for any animal. This is one of the reasons why orangutans are endangered. If they have a safe habitat to live in, more orangutans will be able to survive. We most certainly want that, because orangutans have a family, and feelings to. We don't want to harm them.

Save The Orangutans!!