Wolf Howl

December 19, 2019

Wishing all our families a safe and happy winter break.

Encourage Cybersafety for Your Teen!

Get to know the technology your teen is using and the websites he or she visits. If possible, keep his/ her i-pad in a common area in your home. Remind your teen to practice these basic safety rules:

* Don't share personal information online.

* Don't share passwords.

* Don't get together with someone you meet


* Don't send anything in a message you

wouldn't say face to face.

* Don't text or chat on the phone while driving.

* Don't plagiarize.

* Talk to a parent or trusted adult if an

interaction or message makes you


Rogue Community Health Corner

Tips on how to stay healthy during cold and flu season:

- Wash hands before eating and after: bathroom use, blowing your nose, and arriving home from school.

- Cough in your elbow (not into your hands)

- Drink extra water, get enough rest, eat nutritious foods (avoid the junk)

- Get your annual flu shot (also available at the SBHC)

Also remember to dress appropriately for this cold season approaching quickly.


  • Be aware of the current weather forecast.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Adjust clothing for your activity level

Have a wonderful holiday!