Here Comes The Paxton Boys!

Paxton Boys

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The Paxton boys had there rain of triumph in the early 1760s the same time of the Pontiac Indian uprising. The Paxton boys had targeted Pennsylvania where the Indians were be held in protection. The raids also took a political toile in Pennsylvania in the 1764 elections where both parties used them to strike the interest of the voters.

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Who where the Paxton boys, Where the Paxton boys lived?

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The Paxton boys

The Paxton boys were racist against the Native Americans. They decided to band together and form a vigilante group to respond to the fear and the hatred of American Indians that slowly crept throughout the land. The Paxton boys ended up killing twenty Indians, only by ambush in the night. They did this in less than one hour.

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Who Were They

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The Paxton boys were Scotch and Irish immigrants. There were a group of them. February, 1764 a group of men called the Paxton Boys began an assault. Their group started after the French and American War. They were fighting against American Indians. They killed many Indians.

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