2Hu News

September 29, 2016


In writing, we have finally started our Writer's Workshop. The students seem very excited about this time. Before we began, we discussed as a class what Writer's Workshop should look like, what the expectations are, where to find materials, and our goals. The students did a great job brainstorming ideas.

To begin our formal writing process, we will be working on narrative writing. The students were introduced to Small Moments, times in our lives we might want to write about. These small moments are times in our lives that stick out to us, either for good reasons or bad. We created Small Moments mini books, which we called our "Idea Books" to help us remember all of our ideas.

During writing on Fridays, we will take a few minutes to have “Author’s Chair”. This is a time when the students are allowed to volunteer to share their creative writing with the rest of the class. The students not only enjoy sharing their stories but also hearing their classmates’ stories.


For the last 3 weeks, we have been working in Module 3: Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1000. The students seem to grasp this concept quiet well. This module is extremely important because if the students grasp place value, they truly understand numbers. We will continue to work on this module into the month of October.

As we work our way through this module, your child may comment on a variety of manipulatives we are using here in class. Some of these include bundles of straws (10s and 100s) and arrow cards. Each of these helps the students understand place value.

Arrow Cards:

Arrow cards are place value cards, in different colors according to their value. Hundreds are green, tens are yellow, and ones are red. Each student has their own set of cards. As a class, we build numbers with these cards. Then, we pull apart the numbers to see, for example, that the number 459 is 400 + 50 + 9 or 50 + 400 + 9. It is important for the students to see all the different parts of the number. From here, I may ask the students to build me 200 more. They know to change the green number (100s) and simply add 2. Again, this is preparing the students to add and subtract larger numbers.

Math Groups:

Last week, I introduced the students to 5 different math stations that they would be allowed to go to once their math assignment was finished. These stations are math games, mystery picture, math tiles, computer, and the Mimio. All these activities focus on math. This week, the students were able to begin visiting the stations. They have been doing a wonderful job. They like it because they are having fun. I like it because they are still immersed in the learning process. A win win!


I continue to introduce the students to new technology. This may include apps on our iPads and/or new computer activities. This week, the students began utilizing the Mimio during math. As I showed you at Back to School Night, the Mimio works much like a Smartboard. The students are able to touch the screen and manipulate the images. They are even able to write using their finger or a special pen.

We have already done a few Mimio activities, but I am hoping to introduce more as the year goes on.

Proud Pins

Each Friday, the students are given the opportunity to go through their blue work folders. I encourage them to look at the work they have done throughout the week. They are then asked to pick an item they are proud of and place it on their desk using their "proud pin". This pin is actually a magnet. Their proud item stays "pinned" on their desk for the following week. The students are encouraged to give positive feedback to each other regarding the items they have chosen. It is great to see what the students are proud of, but it is even more inspirational to hear why they chose their item.