SSR Project

Alexa Terrell

Some Books I've Read

Reading Reflection

I think that I have changed as a reader because of the active reader strategies we have learned this year. The ones the I use during my reading the most is visualization and questions. It's easy for me to visualize what I'm reading and the books I read have a lot of description on them. I always ask myself questions during reading. Whenever I read a really confusing book, I always have to ask myself questions while I'm reading. I really enjoyed reading books about hauntings and creepy topics. I like these types of books because they are easier for me to visualize. I think I've gotten better reading because I am able to choose different types of books and when I find one I like, I will keep reading it.

The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw

This book was about a boy named Jim and his little sister named Sal. They moved into Minerva and Jim kept hearing this voice that is telling him to find the seventh. He was also witnessing the deaths of six different children throughout the story. This book is a fiction book because of the things that happened in it. The things that happened in it can't happen in real life. I will rate this book a 4. I give it that because I thought it was a really good book, but there were many parts that were a little bit harder to understand. It was also a harder to follow along in the story. Overall, it was a very good book. The good parts where where it was describing where Jim could see these kids' death. I thought those parts were kind of interesting and they can make the story better.

Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano

This book was about a girl named Paige who moved from LA to Idaho. She notices strange activity happening in the house and her little brother was also getting affected by the activity. He would get weird seizures and he also was sleepwalking. I think that this book was really good and the end was really weird in my opinion. I rate this book a 5. I give it this because it was an easier book to understand and it was easy to follow along. It was also easy for me to visualize the weirder parts. I think this was a really good book and I would read it again.

Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

This book was about a girl named Sunshine who moved into a new house. It was the first night where she first experienced the paranormal activity in her house. She moved to a new school as well and met a friend named Nolan. Both of them were interested in what was wrong with Sunshine's house. I am rating this book a 5. I give it this because just like the other book, it was easier to understand. This book was my favorite book I've read all year.

Write to Learn - Reading vs. Other Activities

Dear President of the School Board,

Kids should be more involved in reading because of how helpful it is to them. I think that more kids should be involved in reading because this way they can learn new things. I think that kids would get more encouraged to read if they are able to pick their own books and decide which ones are right for them. We are able to do that now, but I think we should be offered some more choices for our reading. This will make it easier for us to choose our own books and decide what works for us.

A way that I think we can get people encouraged to read instead of playing video games is to get more books that can fit our choices. We can get our own options of what we want to read. I think the books that fit me the best are books with a lot of paranormal activity and things with ghosts. These books fit me best because I know that they are easy for me to understand, so I can retell what has been happening in the books. I enjoy reading these types of books because they can be easier to understand.

I think that more kids need to start reading more than playing video games, watching TV and any other thing. I honestly don't really read that much outside of class, but I think I need to since reading is really important. Reading is important for any class no matter what. You are going to need reading class for anything in your future. We are always going to need our reading skill, so we need to practice it.

Kids now need to learn that they are going to need reading in their future. This is really important for their future, graduating and getting into a good college. Some teachers could maybe encourage their students to read. Some kids parents could also help out if they want their kid to have a good future. Reading is very important for our education and more students should be influenced to read more. Maybe, some kids would choose reading over video games if the book was based on a video game. We could also find a good genre of books for other kids to read.

In my opinion, I think I need to read more outside of school. I might want to do some more reading during class time, but I still think I can read more outside of school. I say this because I usually will only read during class time. I know I can find a way to read outside of class, but I usually choose not to. A way that I think I can read more outside of class by finding the types of books I like reading. There are certain types of books I can enjoy reading and be able to understand.

My main purpose of writing this is because I think kids should be influenced to read more books instead of always playing video games and watching TV. This will help with their education and future. They are going to need their reading skill in order to get good grades in school and do good things anywhere else. This is a very important skill I think everyone needs to have. I think that I might want to choose more books that fit me like scarier ones. That will encourage me to read more. Those are some ways I think kids can get encouraged to read more than playing video games.

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

This book is about this boy named Sam who thinks he was gone missing because of a newspaper he saw. He also met this girl named Caroline and became friends with her. I rate this book a 3. I give it that because it was a very confusing book. The beginning had the creepy vibes to it like it was gonna be creepier. The book cover also made it look like it was a creepier book. I didn't like it too much because it was very confusing and I thought it was gonna be more creepier. I might read it again, but I didn't like it too much.
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