Nick Woodman

Founder and CEO of GoPro

Personal Characteristics

1) athletic - Woodman has a passion for surfing and water sports

2) resilient - after several ideas that never fully picked up, Woodman perservered and created GoPro

3) intelligent - he sold tshirts as football games and shell necklaces near the beach in California

Story of Success

Nick Woodman is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the twenty first century thanks to his innovative thinking and ability to cater to many different types of audiences. While on a surfing trip in Australia and Indonesia, he recognized a common problem among surfers in difficulty affording equipment that could closely capture their sport in action. As a result, GoPro was born. A professional, yet affordable camera that could get wet, dirty, and scratched up has caught the interests of many athletes and adventurous families, so they too can capture their stories. In addition, Nick Woodman's ability to recover from two setbacks and continue creating were also crucial to his success. After two start-ups that didn't work out, he learned that a flexible, easy-going attitude would help him cope with conflicts and figure out solutions easily.

Emma McDermott