T.Donker 4 President

Because we all want the perfect America!!!

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Some Information about me!!

My name is Thijs Donker. I live in Austin,Texas.

I believe we can change the United States!

How? Well to begin with the fact that every body needs to be saver. And we are going to do that by multipling the Airforce, the Navy and the Marines!

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Changing the laws!!

I also think that there is a solution to stop the terrorist attacks!!! But I can't do this alone i need help from you people te make a better America!!! I promise you, if i will be the next president of the United States of Amerika. You will be safe forever!!!


I want to make a stronger army against other Countries. Thats why I want the help of you people to voluntair the army. There will be a nice salary, and you are in the States so you can visit your familie any time.

Though there will be higher tax, BUTT that will be for bomb-shelters. Because the tax rises you will also get a better insurance.

There will be a lot more to change and i will listen to you people for ideas, so i can keep in mind what to change or what not to change!!!

Thanks, stay strong believe in America!!!