Journey to Excellence

teaching, learning, assessing, analyzing, reflecting

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Reflection Checklist

This checklist was developed from the most frequent topics listed in the the summary charts each of the eight groups made during the jigsaw sharing and theme development.

Use this checklist as a personal reflection or as prompts to start collaborative work with colleagues.

Summary of charts

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Jigsaw article activity

We engaged in the jigsaw article activity in order to:

a-model a strategy that allows for differentiation of text-content, level, interest

b-involve comprehension monitoring strategies- top 5, 6 word

c-engage in conversation/communication

d-address the different levels of thinking

  • justification of theme
  • integration of ideas across texts
  • explanation of connections

The collection of eight articles is linked with the button below.

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Markesan School District

reflecting, learning and leading

to make certain that our children are prepared to transition successfully from high school to advanced schooling, the military or work with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship and life-long learning.