Pack 94

March /April newsletter

Pinewood Derby - Congratulations & Planning

Congratulations to everyone who built a car and raced in the Derby. And especially to those boys who built cars all on their own ( and didn't loose a finger! )

April 18th - Parent meeting

The parent meeting to debrief from the Derby and plan for next year will be April 18th at St Stevens 11am .

So if you'd like to know more about how the Derby works, ideas to make it run smoother, do some TLC on track ... please come.

Have ideas for events next year? Recruit for Tigers in Sept? Shall we go to Natural History Museum - or Liberty Space Museum in November? Do more family camping at Durland? Have a Raingutter Reggatta?

Also I can do a small presentation on new Cub program and we can discuss how to best institute this.

I am confirming if we can use St Stevens for this and what time. More details to come.


Save the Dates -

TUES. April 21st - 7:30 - 9pm

@ Westmoreland
• Webelos 2 crossover the bridge to Boy Scouts,
• Arrow of the Light Ceremony

• All are invited to participate.

June 6th - 0r - 13th TBD - End of year BBQ
@ Winkler Park 11-3pm
• Hot Dogs are grilled
• Please bring a side dish
• There is a dock for fishing, Bring your equipment.
• HONOR COURT - Recognition and awards ceremony.

---------SUMMER IDEAS---------
Seton Summer Day Camp

under $400/ week camp

For crossover Webelos:
Read Summer Sleepaway Camp

under $400 for a week of sleepaway week camp in Adirondacks
Armonk Boy Scouts are going Aug 1 week, or can go as provo.

• Read wiill be offereing NEW STEM badges this summer

• There is a Webelos week the 4th graders can go to

IONA CUB CAMP in Purchase specializes in STEM ( science, technology-Engineering - Math ) for the cub age.

New CubScout Program on 2016

Here’s a radio program about the New Cub Program to come next year.
(Click listen under image, it’s just a radio program.)

And a blog about radio cast:
7 things I learned about the new Cub Scout program by listening to the latest CubCast