The evil princess Cinderella!!!

And her nice stepsister

Paragraph 1

Once lived an evil princess named Cinderella!!!Her stepmother and one of her stepsisters did all the work in the house.They washed the dishes,scrubbed the floors and made breakfast,lunch and dinner for Cinderella and her evil stepsister while they relaxed.

Paragraph 5

They finally got to the ball.At home the stepmother and the ice stepsister started to cry because they were not allowed to go to the ball.Suddenly someone magically apeared next to them it was the Fairy God Mother.She asked the stepmother and stepsister what they were doing here and why they were not at the ball.They said they had nothing to wear and then the Fairy God Mother said no worries i can whip you up some dresses in two seconds.Two secods later they were wearing beautiful dresses and the nice stepsister was wearing beatiful glass slippers.

Paragraph 6

They were amazed.A couple of seconds later a pumkin carriage popped up.They were so happy then the Fairy God Mother said “Well what are you waiting for’’.They hopped in the carriage and they were going to the ball.

Paragraph 7

Soon they arrived at the ball they were very exited,they went inside.When they were inside the prince was walking around and saw the nice stepsister.He went to her and asked her to dance with her.They danced for a while and Cinderella and the evil stepsister were so jealous. Suddenley the nice stepsister realized that she had to be home by 12.00 o’clock or she will magically turn back into her old self with her dirty rags.The nice stepsister ran home andleft one of her glass slippers on the stairs and the prince shouted “come back”.

Paragraph 8

The next day the doorbell rang it was one of the kings men.Cinderella closed the door and shove dthe nice stepsister and her mother into the atttic and locked them in.Then she ran down stairs to open the door.The man had the nice stepsisters glass stepsister.He wanted to know who the glass slipper belonged to.In the attic there was a spare key.The nice stepsister took it,opened the door and ran down stairs.The nice stepsister said the glass slipper was hers.

Paragraph 9

She tried it on and it fit perfectley.The prince ran inside and said “there you are” to the nice stepsister.He asked if the nice stepsister would marry him she said yes.And they all lived happily ever after.