Sir Francis Drake

By Jacob Hoxie

What Nation did Sir Francis Drake sail for? Who was his sponsor?

Sir Francis Drake sailed for the Nation England. His sponsors came from England. Most of his supplies came from Elisabeth the 1. She was very fond of him and his hard work on the voyages.
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Sir Francis Drake's Voyages

In this link you will find Sir Francis Drake's voyages. This will briefly explain each of his voyages. This will tell you how, where, and when he went on his voyages.

My Explorer Sir Francis Drake

What mad Sir Francis Drake significant?

Sir Francis Drake participated in early slaving voyages. These slaving voyages took place in Africa. He gained a reputation for pirating or piracy against the Spanish and their treasures.

What were the circumstances of Sir Francis Drakes death?

In 1595 the Queen called on Francis to capture Spain's treasure supply in Panama. He retreated and the way he went he contracted dysentery. On January 28, 1596 he died of a fever. He was buried in a lead coffin and thrown into the sea near portobelo.

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