Etadpu Dnekeew

The last weekend!

Final Project + Overdue Work

At this point you should have several slides completed for your final project and you should have all work from lessons 9 - 15 already submitted. Not quite there yet? Invest the time in *YOU* and submit overdue work this weekend. Contact sensei or the PTC if you need help!

Try to put some time into your End of Course project this weekend. Full details are found under the Course Projects link in Blackboard. Don't forget about your final linguafolio submission too!

The last day of class and last day to submit work is Friday, May 20th.

Lesson 10 Sample Slide

Check out the sample slide below for Lesson 10 for help with the て form of verbs:

Big image

The meaning Line By Line:

あした、ともだち に あって、えいが を みます。

Tomorrow, I meet my friend and watch a movie.

げつようび、としょかん に いって べんきょうします。

Monday, I will go to library and study.

きょう、きっさてん に いって、クッキー を たべて、 うち に かえります。

Today, I will go to the coffee shop, eat a cookie, and return home.

しゅくだい を してください。

Please do the homework.


Please do your best.

This slide is excellent because it has 5 sentences using grammar and vocabulary from lesson 10 and a picture that corresponds to at least one of the sentences (in this case studying at the library) on the slide.

If you are struggling with your final project or any overdue work, please reach out to me or the FREE peer tutoring center to get some help.

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Every few days in announcements we will shine our spotlight on one of our Japanese 2 students! This is a good way to get to know your fellow classmates. :)

Meet Jenna M.!

  • My favorite thing about Japan/Japanese Culture: The kindness and hard work ethic.
  • My favorite book: idk
  • My favorite musical artist: Block B? Sometimes?
  • My favorite ice cream flavor: Depends.
  • On a Friday night I'm usually: sleeping
  • The 5 things I can't live without: food, air, sleep, water, more sleep.
  • Why I'm taking Japanese 2: To follow up on Japanese 2, get my second language credit before graduation.

Sensei's Celebration

I usually reserve celebrations for student achievements but I felt the need to share that I paid off my car this week and that made me very happy! The official paperwork and title are in the mail and should be in my hands next week. I couldn't be happier about this!

Here is a picture of my car - I drive a 2013 Mazda3 that I affectionately named BMO after the cartoon character in the TV show Adventure Time. ;) Mazdas are excellent Japanese cars (mine was actually made in Japan, I checked the VIN#) and BMO is so much fun to drive. I do love me some zoom-zoom. :D

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Have a great weekend everyone!