How to make your own BRSTMs

The Mario Kart Wii Hackable

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How to Get Your Own Music in Mario Kart Wii

get an mp3 file. if you don't have one go here

First, Open Audacity on your PC

Follow These steps

1.) Go in the file tab and select import ... Audio File.

2.) Go in the edit tab and select Duplicate.

3.) Grab a file name from the list below.

4.) Go in the file tab an select Export.

5.) Save (EXAMPLE) n_kinoko_n.wav to your desktop.

6.) Now go into the Effect tab and select Change Tempo.

7.) It is recommended (after I was experimenting for a total of 72 HOURS) to save at a 20% change.

8.) Go back to Export and save this project as (EXAMPLE) n_kinoko_f.wav (f for final lap)

Save the entire project as (watever).aup

next, open brawlbox

9.) (Open) File----->New----->Brstm Audio Stream

10.) Open n_kinoko_n.wav

11.) Press Play to make sure the file works.

12.) Press Okay

13.) File----->Save As...----->Select .brstm from the drop down box.

14.) Save to the desktop

Repeat steps 9-14 for n_kinoko_f.wav

open the mkwii folder on your sd card. if you dont have it click the link below.

Open the My stuff folder and paste the BRSTMS

Also grab this file

Paste it into the my stuff folder

When on riivolution on your wii, be sure my stuff is enabled.