Robot Designer

Green Career

Job Duties/Description

Duties: Build a robot to lead fish from natural disasters, or a snake like robot to search places for victims in a crash, or also from earthquakes, hurricane, tornadoes, etc.
Description: The robotics engineer is responsible for designing robots. Research work on robotics applications in various fields. Assist engineers in the design and application of robot systems

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

They will help the environment for less fish to die because they are making a robot to help fish move away from water disasters. They use the snake robot to find victims in a plane crash, earthquake, or a tornado disaster, etc. Also to make robots keep the environment safe.


An advantage for this is that it could help save fish and help the food supply not go down, but the disadvantage is that it will probably cost a lot of money for research and prototypes for these robots.

Interesting fact

They are making a robot for people with disabilities to talk to, so it can help them communicate more with real people.

Salary and Education

The salary is about $49,550 per year and $23.82 per hour.
For this job you need a Associate’s degree