Move to the Southern Colonies!

Move to the Best Colonies in the World, Southern Colonies!


The Southern Colonies have swampy low lands along the coast. We have great soil for farming! Our one and only Chesapeake bay is a great place to get away with the family to go fishing for some fish, oysters, and crabs.

Plantation and Livestock

Here in the Southern Colonies we have the best plants and livestock in stores. Like, cattle, fish, grain, indigo, iron, lumber,rice, rum, tobacco, oysters, crabs, horses, cows, donkeys, and many, many more.


We have great religion customs, and justice here in the Southern Colonies. Our law provides you with the pleasure of practicing your religion freely. But this law is not extended to Jews in the Southern Colonies. Protestants and Catholics are very much welcome here to practice their religion freely.


If you like slavery you've come to the right place. Here in the Southern Colonies, slavery is very popular, most people depend on it. Our slaves are imported straight from Africa. We have strong, young, healthy, and good shaped slaves here, that are very dedicated to their work. They work in any place you tell them to! Like on farms, plantation sites, etc.


Here, economy is running great! we have plenty of family farms, livestocks buissnesses, we can fish, sell crops, own your own buisness, you could become a barber, or a waiter/waitress, cash crops, and we have great soil to be able to farm very well.

Our Government

here we have a democracy, where christian white men over the age of 21 may vote. At this moment we have a very respectful ruler, Lord Baltimore who rules over our precious colonies. But he cannot make laws without consulting church leaders and congress.

Daily Life and Kids

Here we dont have any public schools, to ensure the safety of your children and loved ones. Our children's education is most important to us, so we intend on giving your child the education they need through private schools or even home schools, to inform every one we want a great bright future for your kids.


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