Walt Disney

"Sometimes the right path, isn't the easiest"

And so the story begins

Walt Disney was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Flora Call Disney and Elias Disney. He was one of 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. Walt Disney grew up fast and saw many things that no young child should have to see and endure. Disney's father was abusive and treated the young children like adults and there were some money issues involved with the family as well. Most of his siblings ran away at a young age and he was left. So Disney lied about his age and was able to drive an ambulance in WW1.

Disney Hits Bankruptcy

Tuesday, May 30th 1922 at 9:30am

Kansas City in 1922

Disney hit bankruptcy. But wait......how did he get bankrupt? Disney started his new business in Kansas City. He wanted to start a line of cartoon series and decided to set up shop in Kansas City. Roy Disney (his brother) wanted to start the business with him. So together they made it happen. Soon after they had set up their shop, they cold not pay them bills and everything was taken from them. The Disney brother's hit bankruptcy.

Just keep swimming......Just keep swimming......


After hitting bankruptcy, Disney and his brother Roy, moved to Los Angeles. Walt Disney moved with only an imitation leather suitcase, $40, one shirt, two undershorts, and a few drawing materials. Disney never gave up though. Sometimes he felt like giving up because he couldn't get anywhere and he thought everyone else was better than him. When Disney was about to finally hit a breakthrough, he was pushed back a major step because there was new information he found out about "his" character. Turns out, his character wasn't his character. Someone else had gotten this character and made it already! Disney was in a slump......again. Finally, after waiting forever and working countless amounts of hours, Roy, Disney, and Ub Iwerks had it. The thing that would put them on the map, the thing that would get them rich, the thing that they needed........a mouse? Yes, it was a mouse. A little mouse that was no more than a small cartoon character. They name him, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is now the face of Disney and everyone loves him! Back then to Disney and his friends, he was a mere drawing that they felt could get them nowhere. Disney felt like giving up again but Mickey and the few other movies they had created, hit it big with the public! Everyone loved this and this sparked their business and grew it!

Disney says what?

Walt Disney is known for many of his inspirational quotes....and some of his movies too.
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Interesting? Nah just some more unknown facts about Disney that have no interesting details at all.

  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for "Lack of creativity".
  • Walter's middle name was his fathers name, Elias.
  • Disney made the California Institute of Art.
  • Walter created more than 81 feature films and over 100 shorts.
  • He earned over 950 honors including 48 academy awards and won 22 competitive academy awards.
  • Walter Disney made Disney land so families could come together and act like a family without fight; he knew what it felt like to be a part of a broken apart family and didn't wish that onto anyone else.
  • Feeling that others were better than him at animation, he wanted to be an actor in Hollywood but that never worked out.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the character that would have put the brothers on the map but they found it it wasn't theirs.
  • Made a short film called,"Flowers and Trees.

More info

For more information on the website below, click on the link and it will tell you much more about Walt Disney, and the "Forgotten Brother Roy". https://www.mouseplanet.com/9562/The_Forgotten_Brother_Who_Built_a_Magic_Kingdom

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