A Move For Lindsey

Saying Good-bye - Updated 2/17/16 with moving date

An Official Move Date

Good Afternoon Little Cottage Families,

All have received this email on a prior date however; we promised to update all of you with an Official Move date when one was decided and the "right" Teacher was hired.

Ms. Lindsey and her family will move to Fort Walton the weekend of February 27th. Her Husband has been eagerly awaiting for her and children. We could not be more thankful for her patience and commitment to our families while she has patiently waited for us to find a wonderful heart to fill her shoes in the Toddler Classroom.

Ms. Lindsey's Official last day in the classroom is Friday February 26th

We love and will miss you dearly Ms. Lindsey! We also, thank you for your family's service!

A Big Heart, A new Teacher...

Yes, This means we have found what we confidently feel is the right fit in the Toddler classroom and a great partnership for Ms. Carly. Please be on the look out in the next few days for a "meet your teacher" email and details!

-Ashley Yerkovich

If for any reason you missed the original communication, Please see below :)

Dear Little Cottage Families,

It is with GREAT sadness that we have to announce Ms. Lindsey's resignation at the Little Cottage. She has been a blessing to the toddler program, pouring her love not only into the program, but into each student, daily. This bond shines through in their daily activities and interactions.

More importantly; We are very PROUD of Lindsey and her family. Lindsey's husband works for the United States Air Force and they have been asked to return to base in Ft. Walton. We are more than thankful for the time that we have been allotted with Ms. Lindsey and even more thankful for her families service.

Ms. Lindsey , as she always has, would like to be sure to place her little hearts first. She will be staying in Sarasota while her husband heads off to Ft. Walton until we have found the RIGHT fit for the toddler classroom. As we do find the right fit we will be sure to be in touch again with a formal date of ms Lindsey's leave.

Thank You Tennimon Family, For Your Service!

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As always,

If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact The Little Cottage Management.


Ashley and Andrea