Hershey Chocolate Labor

Hershey Uses Children For Coco Beans

Hershey's slaves

Hershey chocolate used coco beans from Africa that was produced by children forced to work. Hershey's companies shows that there data from a three year span shows that they have risen production of coco beans in Africa by 46%. Forcing children to Carry heavy loads of coco bean pods it not only hazardous but they have to cut the pods with long knifes the could seriously injure them if something bad happened. Most of the people who work on these farms are children. They barely get enough money to support there family's. Hershey's still haven't changed anything when people protested against them. People wanted Hershey's to go fair trade and stop using children to work in Africa.

Take a stand

Hershey's is thinking of going fair trade because people have protested and made sales go down. Hershey's goes fair trade and doesn't get any of there chocolate from Africa anymore and don't use slaves. Don't buy their chocolate until they go fair trade also protest against their company.

Children's story

Yao's story is depressingly familiar among children trafficked or sent away from their families and kept out of school and working for no money.

Image captionInternational chocolate companies say they are committed to ending child labourThe chocolate industry has sponsored some projects such as in the village of Campement Paul, near the city of San Pedro. In 2008 a small school was built, for which the villagers had to pay half of the $20,000 (£12,570) costs. It can accommodate about 150 children. But the villagers say that another 400 in the community still have no school to go to. One child who has benefited is Dera, now 15. When the school opened, his father took him off cocoa work so he could learn to read and write. "You get very tired when you work so much," he said, showing scars he still has from his machete injuries. "Every day I would wake at six o'clock and go straight to the cocoa farm."

The chocolate industry concedes that more needs to be done, but says that even since 2009 its programmes have helped hundreds of thousands of cocoa farming families and more than one million children.

Slavery in Hershey's Chocolate

Map of Africa

This is Africa this is where most of the chocolate beens get found by little kids be forced to do it.