Lineville Intermediate Technology

Technology Class


  • iMovie can let you record videos and turn them into movies.
  • iMovie is an app that can allow you to make a movie about anything you want!
  • iMovie is able to put sound effects and titles in the movie.


  • iTrailer is a fun and easy thing to use when you are bored.
  • iTrailer will allow you to take pictures and videos.
  • You can make a trailer for any movie you want!

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is an app that you can use for practically anything!
  • You can use it for notes, projects, presentations, and more.
  • You can search pictures and use them for your projects.

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything allows you to put in pictures, draw, record your voice and other things.
  • You can use it for almost everything.
  • You can easily do something quickly.

Go Animate

  • Go Animate lets you make little cartoons.
  • You can make characters move in any kind of action!
  • It allows you to put voices on certain characters and they can talk.

Thank You!!