Nuclear Power

By: Tade Smerud

Do you know what nuclear power is?

Nuclear power is electricity made from two atoms splitting apart. When you take the heat from the split atoms and make steam it's called fission. Uranium is usually used in the process fission. When you repeat the process it's called a chain reaction. The heat from fission boils water and makes steam which turns a turbine. When the turbine is spinning a generator turns and the magnetic field produces electricity.

Nuclear gone world wide!

Nuclear power is providing over 11% of the world's electricity continuously without carbon emissions. The USA is the 1 nuclear power generator with 798,619.89 GHw or Gigawatt hours. While South Korea is the 4 and generates 149,235.83.

Things you might not know.

Today only 8 countries are known to have nuclear weapon capability. The UK is the country to use gas cooling nuclear reactor. The first commercial nuclear power stations started in the 1950s.