Kindergarten Happenings

We learned about plants and started exploring who we are!

April 18, 2014

Look at what we did!

  • In literacy and writing, we started talking about how we've changed from when we were a baby to now as our kindergarten selves! We used to drink out of bottles, crawl, and cry to get what we wanted and now we can do lots of things for ourselves, run and jump, and talk up a storm! Then we read Geraldine's Blanket by Holly Keller to see how Geraldine changed and how she was a problem-solver when her parents tried to make her give up her baby blanket!
  • In math, we started our unit on subtraction. We learned how you still have to draw a picture just like with addition, but instead of adding more, we have to cross things out. We learned that the first number tells us how many we started with, the second tells us how many are taken away, and the last tells us how many are left!
  • We got to look at our ADORABLE baby pictures!!

Sight Words

We practiced the sight words on the word wall! With the provided words in your sight word bag, practice reading and writing the words in a snap! The quicker we know them, the more we can focus on other new words when we read and write.

I, can, see, a, me, the, to, go, my, like, am, at, for, look, we, will, come, here, you, is, it, in, have, and, up, on, she, he, no, so, are, went, said, because, put, this

Student-Led Conferences Reminder

The conferences will be this coming Tuesday, April 22! You and your child should arrive 5 minutes before your selected time so that we can stay on schedule. Your child will be escorting you through 5 centers to show you their skills in reading, writing, and math as well as telling you how they will be growing their brain for the remainder of the school year. If you have not signed up and would still like to, please contact your child's teacher.

Due to the nature of student-led conferences, please make other arrangements for siblings so that you can focus your attention on your kindergarten guide!

Kindergarten Themes

Here are the themes that are coming up:

Continuing our unit about exploring who we are

  • A week with Owen by Kevin Henkes
  • A week with Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

Upcoming Events & Other Information

  • Tues, April 22 - Student-led Conferences at 5pm-7pm
  • Thurs, April 24 - "Poem in your Pocket" Day
  • Thurs, April 24 - MES Math Night at Food Lion at 5pm-7pm
  • April 28-May 2 - Spring Book Fair
  • Wed, April 30 - Book Fair Ice Cream Social at 5:30pm

Next week...

  • We will read Owen by Kevin Henkes and write about our connections to Owen.
  • We will start learning about the days of the week, months of the year, and reading a calendar.