Welcome to Wilkesboro, NC!

The County Seat of Wilkes County

¨We'll Take Your Breath Away...Or Let You Catch It.¨

Wilkes County was founded in 1778 and is located in the mountain region of North Carolina. This lovely county is surrounded by Alexander, Alleghany, Ashe, Caldwell, Iredell, Surry, Watauga, and Yadkin County. Wilkes County was named after a man who lost his position as ¨Lord Mayor of the City of London¨ because of his support for the colonists in the American Revolution. That man's name was John Wilkes.

Who's Got the Power in Wilkes County?

The County Board of Commissioners do! They are comprised of five members (pictured to the right) and are the governing body of Wilkes County. Another important governing figure is the County Manager. The County Manager prepares the suggested budget for all County departments, proposes new and changed polices and programs to the County Board of Commissioners, and applies county programs successfully. The County Manager for Wilkes County is John Yates.

Looking For Something To Do While in Wilkes County?

You can explore all of our natural beauties ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Yadkin River. These offer things like biking, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, and a whole lot of fun. You might also enjoy the Stone Mountain State Park (pictured below) too. It is one of the most popular state parks in NC and a huge attraction here. Also, the W Kerr Scott Outdoor Amphitheater is great entertainment for all, giving insight into the history of Wilkes County.
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Want To Get Educated on Wilkesboro, the county seat?

The County Seat, as mentioned above, for Wilkes County is Wilkesboro. The town council of the county seat consists of four Town Council Members and the Mayor. They each serve a term of four years, staggering elections every two years. The town council members adopt a even annual budget, set the annual tax rate, listen to issues in the community, and more. The Mayor of Wilkesboro is Mike Inscore (pictured below) and he appoints certain areas to focus on to each Council Member every year. Also, another vital person in Wilkesboro's government would be Ken Noland, the town manager (pictured below).

Let the Fun Begin...

The town of Wilkesboro is known for holding the Merlefest. The Merlefest is a world renowned music festival that is for all ages. Wilkesboro holds many tourist attractions too. This includes multiple vineyards and distilleries throughout the town, but has everything from top of the line dining to great shopping stores, that are sure to reel you in.