Write about the Fight Scene


In the fight scene, Curley returns with Whit, Carlson and Slim. Curley has accused Slim for giving the eye to his wife and everyone else but they all laugh at him. Lennie, is still daydreaming about the farm and everything they will have in the future, makes him smile, and Curley comes to him aggressively. Curley punches him in the face, but Lennie doesn't fight back, instead he calls for George to help him. Curley just keeps punches his face and in one punch he went for his stomach which caused Lennie to be breathless. When Curley doesn't back off George tells Lennie to "get em". Lennie stands up and catches Curley's next punch and crushes down on his hand. George tells Lennie to let go, but Lennie only grips harder out of fear. Curley is flopping like a fish and by the time Lennie lets go Curley's hand was ruined. Before Curley goes to the hospital, he agrees to pretend that he had caught his hand in a machine. Lennie is afraid that he has done something bad, but George tells him that Curley deserved it and tells him its not his fault.