Gila River Paradise

(Internment Camp)

Need a relaxing time?

Our camp has a very dry and hot climate! So, we have very special umbrellas that you can use to keep your cool. Our camp opens on Saturday, July 20, 1942!

Great Food, Free Everyday!

Come to our camp and enjoy the potatoes, rice, and hotdogs! One special thing about our camp is that on your culture holidays, you can eat your culture's food. But on American holidays and Tuesdays, our special will be American food!


Monday, July 20th 1942 at 12am

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ


Come to Gila River, where your rights will no longer belong to you! Privacy? We will search you. Freedom of Speech? Forget about it!

This relaxing time will be over soon!

Our camp will be out of business: Nov 16, 1945.