Module 8 - Intelligence

Activities and Information for January 3rd

INFORM: Module 8 Quiz - Intelligence

Friday, Jan. 3rd 2014 at 7am-11:45pm

This is an online event.

Please remember to complete the Module 8 Quiz - Intelligence TODAY!

Do not forget to complete your Vocabulary Assignments for this Module! Please complete no later than Monday, January 6th!

INFORM: Assignment due MONDAY!!

Take a moment and review the requirements for your assignment that is due Monday, January 6th - Design a School for the Gifted. It will take some time, both to research and to write your response. You will want to begin this assignment before the day it is due!

Assignment: You have just been given a grant from the State Department of Public Instruction to open a school for the "gifted". Since you have unlimited funds to start up this school, you bring in three "experts" in the field of intelligence to help you design the school. The three experts you consult are Howard Gardner, Robert Sternberg and Charles Spearman. For your report to DPI, you must submit a report that includes the following:

  1. A 100 word description of the ideas for the school for the gifted from each of your experts (300+ words total).
  2. A 150 word description of your school for the gifted you eventually build, noting what ideas you borrowed from each of your three experts, and any of your own, innovative ideas.
  3. Make sure to explain which ideas you got from which expert.
  4. Total word count is a MINIMUM of 450 words (550 if you complete the extra credit)

The point of this exercise is for you to demonstrate that you understand the theories of intelligence promoted by each of your "experts". Your ideas for this school of the gifted may be fantastic and have no chance of being approved by DPI, but that is okay.

  • If you want extra credit on this assignment, you may add a fourth expert, Sir Francis Galton. There is a link here that will give you information on Galton beyond what your book gives you.
  • Website for Francis Galton:

Theories of Intelligence

The attached infographics provide information about the various intelligence theories that have been proposed over the years. Take a moment to look at each.

CELEBRATE: Planning Ahead!

Thank you to all who have been studying for their midterm over break. Well done!