Personal Learning Networks

How to Network all of the Networking!!

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Google Plus

I spend most of my time in Google Plus. I'm a member of multiple communities. I enjoy keeping up with fresh news. Technology is always changing and it is interesting to me to see what is coming out or being improved. I'm mostly just a viewer but have starting being more active giving my opinions on applications for the classroom.
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I was late to the Twitter "game". I have only started using Twitter since this cohort has started. I have been to several PD's that I have liked so I started following those people who presented. This opened up a new world to me once I followed several of the people they were following. Very quickly, I feel like I'm connected with a lot of leaders in ITF. My recent trip to NCTIES has given me the opportunity to follow several new people that were speakers. I use Twitter to plan my weekly, PD, called Tech Tuesday. There are always plenty of new ideas and programs talked about on my twitter feed.
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Short Term Goals

My short term goal is to continue developing contacts (communities and people to follow) with the above mentioned PLN's. Recently, I have become active in a community called, Autocrat. I'm using GAFE along with an add-on called Autocrat. I have created a form which transfers info to Google Sheets. I then have used this add-on to create a google doc using the info collected. In the process, I had an issue of the Date not transferring properly. In this community, I quickly listed my problem, and the moderator (the inventor of Autocrat) and I were in dialogue. We have diagnosed the error and sent in "fixes" to Google.

Long Term Goals

My long term goal is to be a more active member of my PLN's. My focus is going to continue to develop PD's on different technologies. It is my goal to create a Google Plus community that deals with PD's and offer teachers a starting point on many different technologies. NCTIES inspired me to be more active since we were told over and over that many of the speakers started from nothing and built up a following which resulted in them being on the technology speaking circuit.