National Taco Day

The Yummiest Day Of The Year: October 4th

Love Tacos? Of course you do!

When you think of spicy meat, crisp tortilla shells, flavor-filled cheese, juicy tomatoes, and trying to stuff that all into your mouth at once, what comes to mind? If you said National Taco Day, you deserve a congratulatory taco! Imagine........

  • Wearing festive somberos to school
  • Having a taco buffet fit for a king in the Robious Middle School cafe
  • Watching an elaborate reenactment of the first taco feast put on in the forum

Where Did Tacos Come From....Before They Were Put In My Mouth?

Big, spicy tacos are a huge part of American culture. In 1520, the first taco feast was enjoyed by Europeans in Mexico, and was documented by Bernal diaz del Castillo. Tacos have since become a big part of American culture. Spanish is America's second language, and "taco" seems to be the first! Celebrate America's remarkably diverse culture on October 4th.

This Holiday Will....

  1. Give you the chance to celebrate the diversity of America
  2. Let you experience a taco fiesta in our very own Robious Middle School, something most students probably haven't been a part of before
  3. Allow your love for tacos to benefit less lucky countries
  4. Let you be a part of a reenactment of the historic day in 1520, or just enjoy it from your front row seat!