By: Kat Avila

Information about france

Nickname: The Hexagon (Six-sided country)

Quote: " Each country has a soul,and France's soul is equality." - Francois Hollande

Northern France

  • Paris: Economic political and cultural capital of France
  • Little: Important industrial center with steel mills and textile industries.

Southwest France

  • This region ins well known for grapes and its wine.
  • Best reputation for producing the best wine.

Southern France

  • The Massif Central and the Alps divide the regions.
  • The massif rely on the west side of Rhone and forms sixth France land area.
  • Their soil is poor.

The Mediterranean

  • It attracts million of tourist each year.
  • The warm climate is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • People like to go and visit "Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez.
  • Marseilles is the busiest seaport in France and the second most active in all of western Europe.

East France

  • It forms part of France's border with Germany.
  • You could find Iron ore
  • coal is mined.

France's History

  • Frances was known as "Gaul".
  • Charlemagne became king of the Franks in A.D. 768
  • He conquered the region of France.
  • German had invaded them and the U.S had helped them.

Language and culture

  • Language:French
  • It was only spoken in and around Paris,When the French king expanded their control they creed that the language of Paris become the language of their land.
  • Dialects: Variation of a language that are unique to a region
  • French Academy is a place where you go to to add a new word.Only if the French academy agreed it would be a new word if not the not.

Cultural Identity

impressionism: Artist that were leaders in style of painting.

  • Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir are the two most famous french painters.
  • Paris has been the cultural center of France.
  • Louvre is one of France famous museum.

France Today

  1. France established national planning programs to modernized the economy and courage more balanced growth among France's regions.
  2. It reached out to its western Europe neighbors to form new trade agreements.
  • Frances opposition to military action against Iraq in 2003 strained its alliance with the united states.