April 2018

Mrs. Julie Fastnacht Wessington Springs Teacher of the year 2018

Mrs. Fastancht loves her job! She likes to have the summertime off and working with students. We asked her why she chose her profession and she said, "I like music and love working with students." We asked her where she went to college and received her teaching degree? She said, “Central Washington University.” We asked her how long she has been teaching for and she said, "this is my 20th year of teaching." We asked her what would your students do to make your job easier she said, "they could pay attention to what I am saying and follow the rules." We asked what is your favorite book she said, “Into The Water By Paula Hawkins." We asked her what do you do in your spare time? She said, “I like spending time with family, riding horse, camping, and working with cows and pigs." We asked where would you like to go on vacation with your family she said,” Washington D.C. We are taking our family there this summer." We would like to congratulate Mrs. Fastnacht on being teacher of the year!!!!!!

Spring Concert this Friday 7:00. See you there!

Do you want School to be Out By: Mercedes and Jada

School is an in Important time for kids. School is where you learn One plus one equals two. By the end of the year kids are ready for the school year to be done. You can learn English. You can learn a lot even when you are not in school. If you can not go to school you may not be able to have a good job or education. You may also be homeschooled. You learn how to be kind to others. Be Responsible to others and be caring. High School you may take different classes like art, shop, and other subjects. You can learn history of the world. 5 teachers said no. 12 kids and teachers put together who wants school to be out.


May 5th Spring Concert this Friday 7:00. See you there!

May 18th is the last day of school. We will be busy!

May 18th Elementary Awards in the gym 8:30

May 18th Elementary Track and Field Day 9:30 following the Awards. At the Track.

Miss. Bergeleen's Class with Artist in Resident Jean Patrick

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Second Grade writers work with Artist In Resident Jean Patrick

Second Graders honed their writing skills the week Jean Patrick visited as their Artist In Resident. Jean Patrick is the author of eleven books for young people. She uses her stories to inspire the young writers. Second graders commented on how they learned about writing with "power verbs" and adding more detail to their work. They enjoyed making connections with interesting places found here in South Dakota, Jean Patrick reading her books to them, and having a Poetry Slam. This is when they get up in front of their class and read the poem they wrote. All of the second graders focused their main poem around Mount Rushmore. Students were impressed and inspired to write when Jean Patrick brought in actual tools used on the Mount Rushmore project. Students in Kindergarten and First grade also received a lesson in writing from Jean Patrick the week she was here. The staff and students would like to thank the following sponsors who make it possible to bring an Artist in Resident to our school.

The Artist In Resident program is sponsored by SACOTA Springs Area Council Of The Arts, Wessington Springs School District, with support provided by the South Dakota Arts Council with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and The National Endowment for the Arts.

Mount Rushmore Poems written by Second Graders can be found at the end of the WSES NEWS.

Poetry Slam in Miss. Bergeleen's classroom

Easter by Nichelle Kruse

Easter is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of spring. It has been celebrated for generations. Easter is a fun time. For kids there’s the Easter Bunny. Kids love him as much as Santa. I hope you had a good Easter. Hope you had a happy Easter!

5th Graders Collaborating and Coding Together

Joke Corner By Ridge Roduner and Addy Orth

  1. Why did the football coach go to the bank?
  2. Why does whittling take so long?
  3. What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?
  4. Why can you never trust a pig?
  5. I stay in the corner but I travel the world what am I?

Scroll down to bottom to see the answers.

Interviewing Mrs. Jackson by: Tregen and Remie

Remie and Tregen interviewed Mrs. Jackson to find out interesting things about her. Mrs. Jackson said she loves her job because she gets to teach kids new things. She chose her profession to be a teacher because it runs in the family. Mrs. Jackson got her teacher degree at Minot State University, North Dakota. Mrs. Jackson has been teaching for three years. Students could stay organized and listen closely to make her job easier. Her favorite book is the Hunger Games the first book. She likes to read a lot and play with her kids in her spare time. Mrs.Jackson said she would like to go on vacation with her family to Greece.

What Are You Doing This Summer? By: Kate

Students and teachers alike are anxiously awaiting the end of the school year, and summer. During the summer, kids are busy doing lots of different things. I interviewed three 4th grade students to see what they will be up to. Here's what they said...

What is something you plan to do this summer:

Kerstynn: “Pretty much show cattle.”

JD: “I plan to play baseball this summer.”

Colby: “I am am looking forward to doing baseball.”

Are you planning any out of town trips:

Kerstynn: “I’m looking forward to going to Minnesota because there’s a national show there”

JD: “I’m looking forward to camping with my cousins.”

Colby: “I am looking forward to going to Colorado to see my aunt and to go to Estes Park.”

What are some special things you do with friends in town:

Kerstynn: “I’m going to go swimming with friends.”

JD: “I like to ride bikes to the swimming pool with friends.”

Colby: “Every year I head down to the baseball field with 5 to 10 of my friends at 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day of the summer and play baseball.”

Tell me something that you always look forward to:

Kerstynn: “Winning a big time beginner beef showmanship.”

JD: “Winning 1st at state for wrestling.”

Colby: “Driving all my vehicles through the mud.”

What sports are you in:

Kerstynn: Softball, 4H

JD: Wrestling, Baseball

Colby: Baseball, Archery, Shooting Sports

Hope every one has a great summer!

The Art Corner Featuring 5th Grade Student Anya Thompson by Kennedy Kolousek & Mrs. Azure

Anya’s Art

Anya has been drawing for about four months. She keeps her finished drawings in a binder. When we asked her how she started drawing? She said, ”I just pick up a pencil and it happens.” “Sometimes a friend or family will ask me to draw them something.” She likes to draw with pencils or colored pencils because she can find them in her house. We asked who inspires her to draw and she told us her friend Mary. Anya wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Life on the farm by Max Klein

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Hands on Learning in preschool

2017 National Wildlife Coloring Contest winners

Awnsers to jokes

  1. To get his quarterback!
  2. Because you have to do it wittle by wittle! (little)
  3. A flat minor!
  4. It will always squeal on you!
  5. A stamp!

WSES NEWS REPORTERS take Field trip to the True Dakotan

April 27th The WSES News reporters took a field trip to the True Dakotan. Look for the complete story in our May issue.
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WSES Reporters

Ridge Roduner, Kennedy Kolousek, Jada Kolousek, Mercedes Jones, Dawson Baye-Larson, Max Klein, Addyson Orth, Nichelle Kruse, Garrett Aldrich, Tregen Jensen, Remie Roduner, Estrellita Cardona, Kate Dean, Cordell Hines.

Mount Rushmore Poems by 2nd Grade

I am A Driller

By Will & Nolan

I see George Washington's cheeks

I hear a jack hammer drilling

I hear a crane pulling workers up

I hear a Kaboom in the nose of George Washington!

I feel wind in my hair.

I feel the air of the dynamite blowing.

What time is it? I am tired.

I am A Driller

By Brooke and Hayes

I smell granite.

I see granite flying in the air.

I feel the vibrations of the jackhammers rat-a-tat-tat-a-tat-dung-dung.

I am A Powder Monkey

By Kaitlyn and Hudson

I hear the other powder monkey cutting the string.

I feel the dynamite sticks.

I see the holes in the dynamite.

I taste the smoke from the granite.

I hear the trumpet call from an elk.

When can I get down?

I am Lincoln Borgulum

By MaKynna and Chase

Do you see them?

I feel the harness on my body.

I smell the dirt on the rocks.

I taste dirt from the smoke.

Why can't I see them on the top?

I am a Stone Worker

By Adelyn and JC

I hear explosions going BOOM!

I hear wind going swoosh!

I see his mouth.

I wish I could see his eyes.

I drill stone under his chin.

I taste dust from Abe's chin.

I feel bumpy stone under his chin.

When will they build another face?

I am a Worker that Drills

By Raygen and Ryder

I see my harness.

I hope that I don't fall out of my harness.

I smell smoke from the dynamite.

I hear a jack hammer go rat-a-tat-tat.

I feel the wind on my arms.


Mount Rushmore Poems By Second Grade

I am Glisten Borglm

By Kaebry Dixon

I see the other worker drilling the beard of Abe Lincoln.


I hear drillers beneath me. I feel rough bumps.

I hope we get DONE SOON!

I am a Driller

By Macy Copeland

I am a Driller.

When I turn my head I see a gigantic nose.

I hear TNT exploding a lot.

I see a stone wall that I drill into.

I see chains too.

And, I'm sometimes scared that I will fall.

Mount Rushmore

By Rylan Fagerhaug

I am a stone driller.

I see a bunch of stones.

I see a bunch of holes.

I hear TNT exploding!

I hear drilling.

I feel vibrating.

I wish I could be a carver.

I wish I could be a powder monkey.

I feel the wind.

I'm a Driller

By Teagen Eggleston

I see a big strong think cable that keeps me from falling.

I see granite below me.


I hear my driller vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


How loud do you think a driller is?

I am a Worker

By Jaspur Gran

I am a worker.

I hear prairie falcons swooping down.

I see Abe's lips.

I feel hard lips made out of granite under my boots.

I smell some pine trees. I hear the driller go




I hope I stay safe.

I am Lincoln Borglum

By Jacob Friese

I feel pokey rocks on the ground.

I hear TNT blowing up everywhere.

I see the nose of Abraham Lincoln.

I hope we can find an easier way.

I am the Powder Monkey

By Hunter Heezen

I am the powder monkey.

I see a box of TNT.

I see the fuses to put in the TNT.

I hear the BOOM of the TNT blowing up!

I smell smoke.

I taste smoke I feel the hard knife.

Mount Rushmore Poems by Second Grade

I Like Building Mount Rushmore!

By Jayda Hohn

I am a stone carver. I see George's nose.

I see his lips. I like doing this.

I hear the wind blowing woooosh in the sky.

I feel the hard wood on the crate going Bang! Bang! Bang!

I feel the stone with one hand sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.

I taste the dust of the rocks.

I hope this gets done fast.

Lincoln Borglum

By Kohen Mebius

I am Lincoln Borglum.

I see George Washington's nose.

I see cracks.

I hear TNT exploding. I hear the wind,



I am the Stone Carver

By Logan Wade Klein

I see the cable and the harness putting me down.

I smell the smoke of TNT.

I taste all the dust that is blowing on me.

I feel all the hard rock falling on me.

I wish I could be done?

I am the Stone Carver

By Bailey Roduner

I am the stone carver.

I hear the drilling and pounding of jackhammers.

I see the cheek of the president. I feel the wind in my hair.

I see the cracks in the rocks.

I hear the call of a prairie falcon flying around me.

Are you afraid of heights?

Mount Rushmore

By Morgan Mentele

I am a driller.

I see a lot of prairie falcons.

I see the really, really big nose of Abraham Lincoln.

I hear the teenagers yelling to tell how far or close the driller wants to go!

I hear the TNT BOOM!

I wonder what it will look like when it's done?

I am Glisten Borglum

By Kaylee Viktora

I hear the powder monkeys making the TNT blow up.

I hear a drill drilling. I hear a falcon.

I smell smoke from the TNT blowing up. I feel vibrations on my body and head.

I wish we had done this sooner.

I am a Worker

By Paxton Walz

I am a worker.

I feel scared.

I feel the medal and the harness.

The wind goes whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



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How To Change The World by Kid President