Mass Hysteria

Daniel Hogan, 4th period - b-day

Who was involved in the instigating of The Crucible?

John Proctor

Abigail Williams


vs. Antagonist

By Miller,Arthur

When and where did The Crucible take place?

The Crucible took place in Massachusetts bay in 1692.
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What event spurred the hysteria in The Crucible?

Salem witchcraft started in the Crucible by Abigail Williams and here friends dancing in the woods around a kettle by a campfire, and they were accused of witchcraft.

How were people's lives impacted in The Crucible?

In The Crucible, people's lives were impacted because of there family members or friends were being killed/hung because of being accused of witchcraft.

Did hysteria alter the course of history?

Hysteria has altered history in the way people see over exagerrated problems in life, people don't think nothing of hysteria.

Who was invovled in the Dancing Plague of 1518?

Frau Troffea was involved in the violently dancing for months along with her neighbors. (
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When and where did the Dancing Plague take place?

What event spurred hysteria?

The cause of The Dancing Plague of 1518 was believed to be extreme stress within the affected community, or unknown.

How were people's lives impacted?

There were 400 citizens that was involved in this unkown hysteria of the Dancing Plague and died by heartattacks, strokes, and exhaustion.

Did it alter the course of history?

The Dancing Plague left unkown signs of hysteria of people dancing in the streets of Strasbourg. No, because there was unkown causes for the citizens to randomly dance in the streets.
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