Alex Shuler

All about me!

Did you know that I love soccer and that I play in a competitive soccer league? Well I do. I love the way the game is played and it has always interested me. Did you know that I always have also been fascinated by Egyptian artifacts? I think that they are mysterious in ways we can’t explain. But enough of that. Something I like to do is talk with my best friends. I love how my friends always stick up for me and understand how I feel. All my friends make me laugh and smile. Some of my friends are really weird, but I am too so I guess it all works out. One thing that I hate is getting into my best friends drama! And I hate it when I cause drama. Sometimes I am really sad because some of my best friends aren't in my class or team. But I can always text my best friends. And sometimes when I am at my friend’s house we play Wii or practice soccer together. Just last weekend me and my best friend Bailey went out and jumped on her trampoline. And that’s my awesome life!