Crispus Attucks Missing!!!!!

If found you will receive 200 pounds of silver!!!

Facts about him

Crispus was the first African American to give his life for American independence he was also a folk hero.

Crispus Attucks was born in 1723 in Framingham Massachusetts when he was a kid he was shipped from Africa to America his dad was from Africa, but his mom was Natick Indian when he was little he wanted to be a sailor his nickname was Crispus and Attucks mean young deer in Natick American.

When he was 27 he escaped slavery his owner offered to pay 10 pounds for people to find him and come back when he escaped he followed his dream of being a sailor he came back to visit he was never caught and he was never married and he became a harpooner.

On the night of the Boston massacre he led some sailors with him when the first shot was shot it was aimed at crispas as he tried to save a poor man but he was not the only one that died five other men died with him and nobody followed after him after death, but he was the only African-American man to risk his life for American freedom the five men were buried in the same place he died when he was 47 his death place was Boston Massachusetts. Attucks was buried in park street cemetery and his monument was unveiled in Boston common in 1888 he was a man that not only fought but did not care about discrimination somebody should have taken his place but sometimes not everything happens your way.

Incoming news!!!

Just in after the Boston massacre, Attucks was SHOT YES SHOT we do not need to look for him any more If you are a corner please pick up his body