What's Happening in PBS

Week of 1/19-1/23

First off, I apologize for not sending out a newsletter last week! I got really busy and I completely forgot! By the time I remembered, it was already Friday and I figured there was no point then. :)

So a recap of last week...we went over the body complications that could result from a diabetic emergency and we applied that to one of Anna's autopsy reports so that we could determine how she might have died from a diabetic emergency. Then we started a new concept of designing an innovation that would help people with diabetes. The kids partnered up and they came up with some pretty cool innovations/inventions!

That is where we pick up tomorrow - the kids will be presenting their project. They have to present their idea effectively, be under a 3 minute time span, and dress nicely (they are pitching their idea to a "grant board"). There is a rubric on the LMS for them to see what I am looking for in their presentation.

On wednesday, I won't be there - I'll be at a PLTW conference. So the kids will be taking their Unit II Test. Its the same study guide that they had before they left for winter break (the one they used for finals). The test is over the basics of diabetes, how it works, diagnosing diabetes, diabetic emergencies and test results related to diabetes.

Thursday we will be starting our third unit. We know that Anna has sickle cell anemia, but now we are really going to figure out what that means. We will go through another autopsy report and between Thurs, Fri and Mon the kids will look at microscope slides, simulate sickle cell and determine hematocrit of Anna's blood.

That's it for class, there are a few things for HOSA....

1. Guest speaker - a Registered Nurse this week. She will be here on Thursday during collaboration. Rule of 50 still applies.

2. We have set up a partnership with St. Mary's Manor to do some volunteer work. We will take 10 volunteers a month to go help serve dinner and participate/help with game night with the residents. It will involve some nurse shadowing as well. I have set up a sign up form they have to use to be able to go. They can get to it here: http://bit.ly/1AEL5KO They key thing is that the students have to show evidence of getting a flu shot this year to be able to volunteer...don't want to risk the elderly getting sick.

3. I also have a Harvester's date set for February 28th. The sign up form is found here: http://bit.ly/150IoKt We can only take the first 20 kids signed up. We will also have Kohl's Associates in Action there as well to partner up and get more done in the same amount of time.

4. If any students are interested in competing at Sate, I need to talk to them by the end of the week. We need to get some game plans set and we need to start preparing.

I think that's it. Let me know if you have any questions,

Mrs. Weiss