Weekly Warrior Bulletin

January 15, 2016


Jackie Rebok ~ January 15

Mischelle Colella ~ January 21

Celebrate Our Best

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SLO Conferences

If you need to discuss your SLOs, you must contact Sherry before Tuesday to set up an appointment.

District SLO Update

Currently we have 31 seniors who have not met the 1185 Lexile target. For our district SLO we have two goals: 1) 91.6% of seniors will meet or exceed 1185 (currently we are at 85.2%); and 2) 90.5% of the entire student body will meet or exceed 1185, grade-level targets, or growth targets (currently we are at 80.7). We are given 5 points for each goal we meet for a total of 10 points for the district SLO. If these numbers do not increase, we (each one of us) are looking at a maximum of 4 out of 10 points for this SLO.

It will take everyone working on literacy skills in each content to effectively move these percentages. It is not just an English department task. Please make sure you are focused on disciplinary literacy.

Attendance & Enrollment

Our staff and student attendance has improved for each month compared to last year except for the month of December. Last year, our staff had a 93.1% attendance rate for the month and this year we had 91.2%. Our student body also decreased 1% from last year. We must continue to set the example for students by having stellar attendance to show we think education is important. Remember, a great substitute teacher still doesn’t replace you. Let’s make January our best month yet!

We currently have 881 student enrolled. 9% are SWD and 21% are FaRM.


1/13-2/29: ELL ACCESS Testing Window (See Mrs. Lopez with questions)

Friday 1/15: End of Marking Period 2, 2.5 hour early dismissal

Monday 1/18: No School- Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday 1/19: Supervisor-led Professional Day

Wednesday 1/20 9 a.m.: All MP2 Grades must be completed in Synergy.

Wednesday 1/20: Round 1 of Diversity Training- 3:30-5:50: SIGN UP HERE for 1/20 or 2/10

Friday 1/22: Report Cards available in ParentVue/StudentVue

Monday 1/25: Date of ELIGIBILITY from MP2 takes effect

1/28-30: Drama Production

2/1 & 2/3: Incoming Freshman Orientations will be held on February 1st & 3rd at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium. Let Sherry know by next Friday if you or your organization would like to set a table up to promote or recruit for your organization.

2/23: PTCA meeting

2/24: Blood Drive - We are encouraging staff to donate. Sarah Hamilton will send out information on a new app to speed up the process for teachers.

2/26: Anti-drug / bullying assembly during 3rd period for the entire student body

WCPS Professional Development

Don't miss out on improving your practice! WCPS is offering all kinds of professional learning opportunities. Click here to see your options and register.


See the most up to date schedule at this link!
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Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I am grateful and blessed to be a part of this wonderful, caring community. ~ Mischelle

BETH BELL cares for each and every student as if they were her own. Her heart is as big as life!

Thanks to SARAH HAMILTON for being positive and awesome!

Kudos to JASON ORENDI for caring about his students emotional well-being.

Kudos to JUDY SPENCE for watching out for her students' needs.

Congrats ASHLEY WISNER on winning the We the People State Championship!!

Kudos STEVEN GARLAND for being chosen as the recipient of a $2500 donation by a local farmer to be used for FFA business.

Kudos to All TEACHERS for continuing to fix grading issues. Thank you VIKI BYRAM & BETH DOWNIN for going above and beyond to help remedy grading problems! We are getting closer to fixing these issues. Please try to stay patient.

Kudos to KATIE RICE for tackling a daunting project!

Thank you SANDY GAGLIARDI for quickly responding to a physical altercation outside your room!

Kudos to KELSEY DENNIS for being so dedicated to the success of her students!

Kudos EMILY DeMARTINO for having endless energy and working so hard to level the playing field for children less advantaged.

Kudos to JODI BOERSIG for being such a caring colleague!

Kudos to BOBBIE MAHAFFEY for taking care of all our testing needs to despite daily changing rules and targets!

Kudos to Beth Downin for offering a temporary alternative placement for one of my students during my 6th period. Much appreciated!

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