Brain Hemispheres

Are you right or left brain dominant?

See if you are more right or left side dominant

Our brain has two different hemispheres. Each side is used for different things and explains things in a different way.

Hemisphericity- Refers to the anatomy of our brains.

Everyday our brain gets used, but which side more?

Depending on what type of person you are will determine what side is used more. In this test it shows I am 78% right brain dominant and 22% left brain dominant.

Which side do I use more? Does it matter what dominant I am?

The right-brainer, on the other hand, likes discussion, prefers projects to workbooks and tends to be a little higher maintenance during the school day, requiring more of your interaction time.

Your left brain child tends to like workbooks and working on his own.

It would help to know which side you use more in school because it could help you in the long run in certain classes.