The Darien Times

2015-16 5th Grade

Alien Art?

In 2013, while on vacation a farmer named Scott Anthony received a strange phone call from an employee. Someone had flattened hundreds of stalks in his field. If you looked at the damage from above, it formed a humongous design. Crowds of people came to the farm to look at the field. It looked like a computer chip with 192 written in braille. Someone said," Someone is trying to communicate with us. Clearly, it is aliens." Large designs on a field are called crop circles. Most artists work on crop circles in the middle of the night and leave no human trace. Some artists use wooden boards to flatten stalks. Some use heat. A company called Nvidia eventually admitted that it had made the crop circle. They wanted to advertise their new computer chip. It turns out somebody was sending us a message, but it wasn't aliens!

It's a Great Movie, Charlie Brown. *****

Charlie Brown has been a favorite to many children and parents for a long time. But, he and the peanuts gang have taken a break for several years. When will he come back? He finally returned this November in The Peanuts Movie!

The movie is about Charlie Brown's fight for the little red- haired girl's friendship. He tries several ways to impress her. He tries to learn how to dance so she will dance with him. He rings her doorbell, but then hides because he is shy. Those are just some ways he tries to impress her.

And of course, it wouldn't be a Peanuts movie without Snoopy! Snoopy is a very, let's just say, unique dog. He can do anything! He taught Charlie Brown how to dance and uses a typewriter to write his novel about finding his love while fighting the Red Baron

The movie was very funny and I love how it felt like there was a bunch of different stories all adding up to the same suspenseful plot. Will Charlie Brown win the little red-haired girl's affection? Watch the Peanuts Movie to find out!


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Ask Angela

Dear Angela,

I am a senior in high school. My senior prom is in only 2 weeks and I don't have a date!!!!!!! I have a crush on Jason but he hasn't asked me. Luckily, he doesn't have a date either so he is available. What should I do?

- Dateless

Dear Dateless,

If you want to go to the prom with Jason, then you should pluck up the courage to ask him. If he says no, don't let that ruin your night. Hang out with your friends and eat a lot of cake. Don't be nervous. Girls can ask boys to the prom! Go Get Him!!!!!!


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Manners around the world

You don't have to fear if you let out a big belch after a meal in China- it shows appreciation for the chef's efforts. Find that interesting? Keep reading. There are more interesting manners around the world. In Japan, don't forget to noisily slurp your noodles. It shows you are enjoying them. In Chile, one of the main rules of dining is to never touch any food with your hands. Not even French fries!!!!!! In France, you can't snack on a bag of Doritos on the way to soccer practice, eating while walking isn't polite. In Mexico always say Buen Provecho ( enjoy) if you catch a diners eye. India is almost the opposite of Chile, there most people choose fingers instead of forks when choosing utensils. In Rome, don't even think about taking home your leftovers. If you do, you will receive the waiter's icy glare. It's considered greedy. And in Portugal, do NOT pass the salt. Asking for extra seasonings is considered an insult to cooking skills. I hope you were fascinated by these foreign manners. If you go to China, Japan,Mexico, Rome, Chile, France, Portugal, or India , use you manners and follow this article

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The Golden Bowl

Super Bowl 50 Took Place at the San Francisco 49ers Levi's stadium on February 7th 2016. The two competing teams were the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The quarterback of the Panthers, Cam Newton never won a Super Bowl. The Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning has won one Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts. He is getting old for a football player. I think winning a Super Bowl would be a great way to end a football career. This way he can ride off into the sunset. In the 3rd quarter the Panthers missed a key field goal that might cost them the game. Newton took a snap and looked to make a throw downfield. But as he had been all game, he was pressured by the Broncos' fierce pass rush and forced out of the pocket. Denver pass rusher Von Miller made an amazing play and knocked the ball from Newton's hand. But the play wasn't over. The game wasn't over. All Newton needed to do was fall on the ball. He did not. That fumble basically won the game for the Broncos. Since there were only a few minutes left in the game, and they were in the lead, the Broncos went for a two point conversion after their final touchdown. They made it!!!!! The Broncos won the Super Bowl! Now Peyton Manning can ride off into the sunset. Or will he.................