at Harvey's 4th St. Grill

Sponsored by the St. Petersburg Sail & Power Squadron

Karen Lieberman says "Gather the gang for a fun Sadie Hawkins Day Party!
Sadie Hawkins Day is a tradition established by the 1930s comic strip Lil’ Abner.

For 15 years, Sadie Hawkins, daughter of Dogpatch’s earliest settler, had failed to catch a husband. Her Pappy in desperation one day called together all the eligible bachelors of Dogpatch…‘Boys! Since none o’ yo’ has been man enough t’ marry mah dotter, ah gotta take firm measures!! Ah declares t’day “Sadie Hawkins Day” —

Because Lil’ Abner and Sadie were hillbillies, we are giving this party a hillbilly country theme. Kidnap your favorite date or friend and dress in your finest country clothes (or not) just come and celebrate with us! (No date required)“ FANTASTIC HAPPY HOUR PRICES!

Harvey's always has good food, great service, an outstanding bar. A St. Pete must for anyone!

Monday, Feb. 29th, 5:30pm

3121 4th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33704

make your reservations with KAREN LIEBERMAN or call (727) 896-1020

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