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This weekly newsletter will be filled with tips and tricks for EdTech, hacks and apps for improving workflow. It will be a place to celebrate Huth educators and our growth as professionals as we use technology to redefine the teaching/learning experience with meaningful technology integration!


OW Huth's Physical Education Department

If you have not gotten the chance to see OW Huth's P.E. department in action, you are really missing something special. On a given day, you might see Mr. Ratajczak, Mr. Gloude, Ms. DeYoung, and Mr. Becker breaking a sweat alongside students digitally as they circuit train with workouts. On other days they are bringing mindfulness and fluid movement with yoga. In some remote households, digital Phys. Ed. has become a family event with parents following along!

Interwoven into their Phys. Ed. curriculum each of the PE department's members has embedded ELA and Math skills throughout the week. Simply said the PE department is ROCKING remote and hybrid learning.

At the core of what they do is a willingness to experiment, an openness to fail with purpose, and a drive to incorporate educational technology in novel and compelling ways. This week I interviewed Mr. Ratajczak for his take on using ed tech (EdPuzzle and FlipGrid) to teach PE.



Squoosh App

This Google App allows to shrink the size of large image files. In the digital classroom data is speed; or more specifically big data is SLOW! The smaller the file, the quicker it'll load. Some websites also limit the size of files you can use.

How To Use Squoosh by Google