My Habitable Planet By: Kevin Walsh

See What You Need To Have a Habitable Planet For Humans

See The best planet other than earth that has that is habitatable for humans

Planets can be made with many different variables, including distance, orbit length, star type, and even moons. The planet i made includes the following variables,

Red Dwarf Star

Orbit: 0.25

Planet Mass: 0.3

Volcanoes: Yes

Plate Movement: Yes

Liquid Water: Yes

Procedures: Yes

My Result is Habitable to Humans

The Axial Tilt of Your Planet and its Impact on Seasons.

If the Earths axle tilt is facing to the North, summers in the North Pole would be much hotter.

The Two Moons On This Planet.

There are two moons on this planet. The tide cycles of these moons are shorter then the cycles on Earth because there is two moons instead of one. These two moons orbit faster and have a bigger effect of gravitational pull.

The Planet Size/ Mass

The planet mass of Walsh is 0.3 that means it is defiantly not the biggest planet in our solar system

My Planet Name Is Walsh