Administration of Justice Act

Cody & Collin

When was it?

Became a law on May 20th, 1774

What was it?

The Administration of Justice Act was one of the five laws following the Boston Tea Party.

The acts were collectively known as Intolerable acts. It is also known as the murder act because it made the colonists feel like the royals could escape punishment. The act allowed them to be executed if question for any acts or riots.

Events leading to the Act.

  • The Boston massacre which occurred on March 5, 1770
  • The Tea Tax of 1773
  • The Boston Tea Party which occurred on December 16, 1773

Who was affected by the Act?

The residents during the Boston Tea Party instead of just the ones who caused destruction.

It would also give more control to Britain.

How did the colonist respond?

The Patriots responded in rebellion and more destructiveness. The Loyalist agreed with the law.

How did it worsen their relationship?

It led to more bad events and rebellions with the patriots but the loyalists kept the same relationship.