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March 23-27

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Emergency Drill Changes

We have missed a few drills and need to reschedule a few due to MAP Testing. Please note the changes below:

  • Intruder Drill #3 followed by Fire Drill #4 will be Wednesday, March 25th @ 1:30
  • April 7th Fire Drill #6 will be moved to 1:30 p.m.
  • May 1st Intruder Drill #4 will be moved to May 4th @ 2:00 p.m.

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LVE PDC is giving you the gift of time

1/2 day may be used how your team best sees fit. The office will enter these days into subfinder for you.

Grades are listed times are AM/PM.

March 24th: 2nd/5th and Rohlf

April 7th: 1st/4th

April 14th: SPED (not SLP)/Special Area (Anderson, Bartlow, Gill, Elston, Malloy, Cook, Jandt)

April 15th: Kdg/3rd and Menz

Report Card 1/2 Day Release

This 1/2 day will be for teams to review/revise report card and scales. This will set us up for starting off next year with a report card and scales that have been adjusted after trying it out a year. The office will handle arranging subs for you in Subfinder.

April 22nd: 1st/5th

April 30th: 2nd/4th

May 13th: Kdg/3rd

Last ELA 1/2 Release Time

Just wanted to make sure everyone had these dates in their calendar. There have been a few changes due to MAP Testing. Office will enter subs into Subfinder.

April 16th: Kdg/Kdg

April 21st: 1st/5th

April 23rd: 2nd/4th

3rd Quarter Report Card Dates

Quarter 3 Report Card Dates:

Quarter Ends-March 13th

Grade Chairs turn in envelope label requests to Carol May by Tuesday, March 17th

Grades Entered by Tuesday, March 24th by Midnight

Teachers will print own report cards and place them in envelopes

  • Office provides envelopes and labels if needed

  • Fold and place report card in envelope

  • Don’t seal envelopes

  • Envelopes of students with no scheduled parent teacher conference will be turned into office.

  • After conferences, turn in all remaining envelopes.

  • Make additional copy for alternate parent. Give to Carol May.

Collaboration March 23rd/25th will be time to print/stuff envelopes.

Envelopes due to office on Thursday, March 26th at 9:00 a.m. (hold on to any student who has a scheduled conference)

Report Cards Mailed Home Friday, March 27th

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Parent Teacher Conference Information

A conference packet will be in your mailbox by the end of today. You can also use this link below to open up the packet. The office is trying to go paperless as much as we can. There will be several items shared through Google Drive. They are noted below.

By March 9 Parent/Teacher conference letter sent home with all students.

March 16 Parent/Teacher conference confirmation note sent home.

March 9 – April 13 Phone calls made to parents that do not have a conference scheduled.

March 24 Copy of Parent/Teacher conference schedule shared with Melissa Armbruster on Google Drive.

March 27 Report cards mailed home to parents with no scheduled conference.

March 26 Parent/Teacher Conference Day

April 9 Parent/Teacher conference summary report completed in Google Drive. Your conference summary sheet will be shared with you through Google Drive shortly.

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DRA Survey- PLEASE READ!!!!!

Over the past year or so, the curriculum department has been researching different reading assessments that are similar to the DRA that is currently used in the Wentzville School District. Another tool that is similar to the DRA, but may be less time consuming for teachers is the Teacher College's Reading Assessment. We are looking for your input on whether on not the Wentzville School District should transition to the Teacher College's Reading Assessment for next school year.

Here is a link to a document that compares and contrasts both the DRA and the Teacher College's Assessment:

Here is a link you can use to take a quick survey about whether or not Wentzville should transition to the Teacher College's Assessment or continue using the DRA:

Please have the survey completed by Friday March 27.

Spring DRA Window Expectations

Here's a quick review of the Spring DRA Window expectations:

Title 1 Students:

  • Carla and Kim will give the DRA to these students.
  • Classroom teachers will not need to give them to Title students.

K-4 Students:

  • Given between the dates of April 20- May 15.
  • DRA scores must be entered in SISK12 no later than May 22.

5th grade students:

  • Please proctor the DRA to 5th grade students that are reading below the grade level benchmark between the dates of April 20 - May 15.
  • This information is very helpful for middle school principals and teachers, as they plan for next school year.

Retention Philosophy and Procedures

The philosophy of the Wentzville R-IV School District is that curriculum and instruction is a learning plan. When students do not learn according to plan, there may be a breakdown in the plan, the teaching, the student, and/or the studying techniques. If a breakdown occurs, the issue of promotion/retention must be viewed relative to the breakdown. Retention must be considered on an individual basis with the welfare of the whole child being the primary concern. The purpose of retention should not reflect punitive action nor should it focus solely upon academic achievement. Rather, the goal should be to promote learning by assuring that students are placed where they are best adjusted academically, socially, emotionally, developmentally, and physically.

To achieve the goal of promoting learning, several factors must be considered during the promotion/retention review process. These factors and their rationale should be used as guidelines with the hope of encouraging broader consideration of a student's functioning. The following are factors, which should be considered in determining the placement of students in a particular grade (K-8).

These procedures should be followed:

- Report card should indicate child’s unsatisfactory progress, if any instructional area is significantly modified it should be marked with an asterisk.

- A Parent Conference should be held to discuss alternatives and assistance.

- The student should be brought through a CARE Team meeting.

- Submit list of possible retentions to administrators.

- Mid-term Progress Report should indicate continued unsatisfactory work.

- Continue to implement accommodations and modifications.

- Parent teacher conferences are held to discuss student’s progress, to inform the parents that retention is a possibility and that it is a committee decision to retain.

- An updated retention list should be provided to the Principal indicating the parents response on retention.

- Continue to implement ESP modifications.

Please contact Doug or Melissa with any questions or concerns regarding retention candidates.

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The Week Ahead...

Please be sure to add all student names to the 3rd Quarter Recognition Assembly Google Doc.

Monday, March 23

3-5 Collaboration-No collaboration-Report Card Work Time

2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.- Doug at an administrative staffing meeting

Tuesday, March 24


9:00 a.m.- Battle of the Books vs. Cuivre River Elementary by invitation from Ms. Cook

Conference Schedule Due to Melissa in Google Drive

9:00 a.m.- Doug at Administrator meeting

3:00 p.m.- Melissa Assistant Principal Meeting at C.O.

3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.- LAST DAY of After School Tutoring

Wednesday, March 25


K-2 Collaboration-No collaboration-Report Card Work Time
1:00 p.m.- Melissa Out-Daughter back to doctor

1:30 p.m.- Intruder and Evacuation Drill

Thursday, March 26


9:00 a.m.- Envelopes due to Carol May-DON'T SEAL!!!

12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.- 5th Grade Middle School Tour

3:30 p.m.- Dinner in Lounge

4:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.- Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, March 27


Last day of DRA Survey-Let your voices be heard!!

1:30 p.m.- 3rd Quarter Recognition Assembly

Saturday, March 28

9:00 a.m. Canvassing Day #3

Spring Break March 30-April 3rd

Monday, April 6th

PD Day A.M. @ LVE

Tuesday, April 7th- Election Day- get out and vote!!!!

SHOUT OUT the EXCELLENCE around YOU! Click here!

Excellence is all around us. Nominate a staff member by clicking here.

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Hanna and Malay

Thank you for taking on the leadership roles in the MAP Committee. You are both doing an outstanding job planning. Everyone is going to love it!

1st Grade Team

The first grade team leads the building with 5 out of 6 conference schedules already submitted through Google Drive. Way to be ahead of the deadline! The office really loves going paperless. Thanks to all the teachers who have already shared their schedule with Melissa through Google Drive.

Staff Who Updated CARE on Time

93.9% of the staff updated the CARE Data on time. Thank you for taking the time to reflect and update your students' progress. The new CARE won't work without your input.
Comment, question, or concern. Click here!

Doug or Melissa will respond.

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March Birthdays

March 1- Zara Farsad

March 3- Derrik Reynolds

March 7- Katie Turntine

March 8- David Elsten & Michael Jandt

March 14- Denise Beames

March 20- Melissa Huddleston

March 21- Julia Tevlin

March 22- Jill Schulte

March 23- Christina Turner

March 24- Courtney Streicher

March 28- Abbey Keyes

March 28- Kathleen Meriwether