Emerald Sketch Theater& Art therapy

NYC Workshops for Children and Teens with Broadway Actor

Theatre and Art therapy


Art therapist Nicole Willcox is pairing with 2014 Tony Nominee and Broadway Actor Nick Cordero to bring the children and teens of Newtown specialized Theatre and Art therapy workshops.


To foster greater senses of security and build confidence for your children during social and group experiences. The intention is to provide a fun, safe and uplifting environment to explore individual expression and strengthen communication skills. All children or teenagers attending will learn new action oriented life strategies and enjoyable healthy emotion regulation practices.


Willcox and Cordero will work collectively introducing first a creative art making process (such as mask making or character sketching), and this will lead into a performance process, then followed by a group social reflection art making task. All children and teenagers will be given multiple choices throughout the process to allow for autonomy, group cohesion and comfortable participation.


Saturday, Aug. 22nd, 10am

155 Bank Street

New York, NY

Labyrinth Theater Company under the Artistic Direction of Mimi O'Donnell welcomes the Emerald Sketch Theater and Art therapy Project to utilize their protective theater space as their performance schedule allows. August 22nd offers the first series of workshops. As your children benefit from this experience the collaboration may continue seasonly through the fall and upcoming years.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Workshop CHOICES

10 AM - 12:30 PM Exploration of Space and Time, Mixed Art Making Materials

1:00 PM -3:30 PM Mask Making and Magical Montage, Mixed Art Making Materials

*Attendance to both is permitted and encouraged.

*Lunch options can be facilitated as needed.

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