Saying Goodbye

Bruin Press May 19, 2020 Edition

St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School

The guiding philosophy of St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School is to recognize the individual spiritual moral and intellectual needs of each student in an atmosphere rich in Catholic truths and values. We are committed to academic excellence by providing a challenging curriculum with high expectations for success. We consider it essential to teach the student to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral and ethical principal exemplified in the life of Christ.


Our school year is ending, and it has been an unusual one, but also a rewarding one. Ms. Senecal sent out an email Saturday, May 16th, summarizing the adventure in e-Learning, and there has been a lot of good news to share. If you have not had the chance to read the letter, please click the link below for the full letter. Good things are happening at SBS!

Principal Update Saturday, May 16th

In conclusion,

....There is much to be grateful for at St. Bernard. We have gone through a time in history like no other. This shared experience has shown our resolve and faithfulness. Let’s continue to stay focused on our mission and stay true to our school’s philosophy: to recognize the individual, spiritual, moral and intellectual needs of each student in an atmosphere rich in Catholic truths and values.

Looking ahead to next year, our vision is clear. We will return strong and united with a school culture built on faith. We are here, with you and for you.

In Love and Faith,

Laurie Senecal


See further details on events by scrolling down to "Dates and Details."

Tuesday, May 19th - Books/Uniform Dropoff & Locker Cleanup - 8th Grade

Tuesday, May 19th - 6:00 - 8:00 PM, Church - Reconciliation (for Confirmands)

Wednesday, May 20th - 9:00 AM, Zoom - Passing of the Light

Wednesday, May 20th - Last Day of School for 8th Grade

Thursday, May 21st - Virtual Field Day

Thursday, May 21st - 6:30 PM, Church - 8th Grade Graduation

Friday, May 22nd - Inclement Weather Day - NO SCHOOL

Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, May 26th - NJHS Induction Ceremony

Tuesday, May 26th - Last Day of School for PreK3 - 7th Grade

Tuesday, May 26th - 7:00 PM, Church - Confirmation

Tuesday, May 26th - Friday, May 29th - Books/Uniform Dropoff & Locker Cleanup (PreK3-7th Grade)


Passing of the Light - Wednesday, May 20th

Passing of the Light is a special SBS tradition in which our outgoing 8th graders "pass on" their responsibilities to the incoming 8th graders. Traditionally, this is done by each 8th grader lighting the candle of a 7th grader in a ceremony that is both exciting for the 7th graders, and a bit bittersweet for the 8th graders.

While we cannot hold this memorable ceremony at the end of a traditional end-of-school Mass at Church this year, we can still uphold the tradition with a unique virtual version of Passing of the Light. The virtual ceremony will be held tomorrow at 9 AM. Students are encouraged to wear school uniforms or spirit attire.

Virtual Field Day - Thursday, May 21st

We can't finish out the year without Field Day! So we are utilizing resources from OPEN (Online Physical Education Network) to host a Virtual Field Day right on schedule.

You will want to print or download the scorecard and event cards, then view the instructional video. Students/families are encouraged to enter at least 4 events, then submit the official scorecard with any photos and videos.

All Field Day events are designed to be done indoors or outdoors using common household items (see Equipment List). You won’t be asked to purchase any specialized equipment or supplies.

Please see the link below for detailed instructions on participating in this new and fun family version of Field Day. Gather the troops, and get ready for some action!

Field Day Instructions

Graduation - Thursday, May 21st

Graduation is nearly here for our 8th graders, and they are excited! We are excited for them as well, if a little sad to see them go. The graduation ceremony this year may not look exactly like those in past years, but it will still retain the pomp and emotion of watching our young men and women graduate St. Bernard's and prepare for the next step in their life journey.

Parents of 8th Graders: Information about the graduation ceremony has been emailed to you, and is available in the link below. Remember that if your student or any attending parents have symptoms associated with Covid-19, they cannot attend the ceremony. Please contact Laurie Senecal if you have any questions about the ceremony or health issues. Keep in mind that everyone (including graduates) must wear a mask to the ceremony!

Entire School: Please see Ms. Walsh's email about a surprise for our graduates. Don't forget to let her know if you are participating!

Graduation Instructions

NJHS Induction Ceremony - Tuesday, May 26th

More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1929. Students who have been selected for membership will be formally inducted during a scheduled ZOOM, Tuesday, May 26 with Mr. McCormick, Mr. Gerecke, Sister Filotea and Mrs. Grissom along with Mrs. Senecal. Students will receive an email with the details this week.

Confirmation - Tuesday, May 26th

We have 17 young men and women who have been preparing this year for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and we are proud of the choice they have made to embrace their faith. They will receive the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday, May 26th in the Church with sponsors and parents in attendance. The guidelines for this ceremony are similar to those for graduation, and are delineated in the link below.

As for graduation, all in attendance must wear masks, and must be free of any symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Confirmation Instructions

Reconciliation: All confirmands and their sponsors are being given the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation tonight between 6 - 8 PM outside the Church. Time slots must be reserved - see the link below if your student has not yet signed up. The guidelines for this process are outlined in the Confirmation Instructions above.

Reconciliation Signup


Books/Uniform Dropoff & Locker Cleanup

We are setting aside specific days and times for students to return books and supplies, bring in used uniforms for the uniform sale, and clean out their lockers. Students must sign up for a 15 minute time slot, and complete their clean up within that time frame. All families must wear masks!

Mrs. Walsh also requests that you find and return all library books, and if possible, put them in a ziplock bag.

Locker clean out days will be Tue. May 26th - Fri. May 29th. Please click on the Signup Genius link below to select a time slot:

Book Dropoff and Locker Cleanup Times

Uniform Resale

Bring in your used uniforms for a Uniform Resale, which we expect to host in early July. Items will be $5 each, so go through your child's school wardrobe for all the uniform items they have outgrown and pass them along to others! Items should be clean and in decent shape. Bring them up to the school office during your child's locker clean out time slot.

Virtues in Practice and SEL

Our 2019 - 2020 school year has come to an end and our Year of Faith Virtues integrated throughout the year were: Faith, Reverence, Stewardship, Generosity, Gratitude, Honesty, Mercy, Justice, and Zeal. Our Virtues in Practice assist us in teaching our kids the core competencies of SEL (Social Emotional Learning).

What is SEL, you might ask? Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

St. Bernard has long incorporated the 5 competencies of SEL with our GROWL cards. We are Bruins. Hear Us GROWL. GROWL is an acronym for GRIT, RESPECT, OWNERSHIP, WILLPOWER, LOVE.

This year our Bruin Bear spirit (GROWL) embraced the virtues of the Saints, and our students not only learned to mimic the saints but also learned core competencies for their emotional health. As primary educators of our children, let us embrace the lessons of the Saints at home this summer to reinforce what our children learned throughout the year.

G - GRIT / ZEAL (self-management) Strength of character, courage, backbone, perseverance, determination.

R - RESPECT / REVERANCE AND JUSTICE (relationship skills) Appreciating others, admiration, praise, esteem, recognizing and honoring the good in others. Respecting oneself.

O - OWNERSHIP / HONESTY AND MERCY (self-awareness) Taking responsibility for actions, recognizing your feelings, admitting when you are wrong and apologizing.

W - WILLPOWER / STEWARDSHIP AND GRATITUDE (responsible decision making) Doing the right thing, discipline, dedication, creating good habits.

L - LOVE / FAITH AND GENEROSITY (social-awareness) Love for God and love for others. Practicing Kindness.

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Fall Athletic Registration

If your child is interested in playing any fall sports (volleyball, football, flag football, and cross country), you must register by May 30th. No money is required at this time, but we do need the registration form. The physical form will need to be completed prior to the first practice.

Fall Sports Information

Fall Sports Registration Form

SBS Physical Form

In addition, volunteer coaches are needed for 2020-2021. If you have any interest in helping out as a coach or assistant coach, please contact Coach Weaver at or 214-321-2897 ext 114.

Order Your Yearbook Now

Don't forget to place your yearbook order before June 1, 2020. You can order online by going to and entering 13740920 for the Yearbook ID Code. Cost is $30.

Use SCRIP This Summer!

For families who have chosen to purchase SCRIP for next year, the summer is a great time to start on your 2020-21 commitment. See below for common online ordering questions and answers. Remember, our enrollment code is: BEA56AD18433

SCRIP Online Q&A



Here are the final Bruin Cub bios and baby pictures from this year's 8th grade class. Keep an eye out for a special Bruin Press edition honoring our SBS Bruin Graduates, and see just how many of those Cubs you guessed correctly!

Thank you, parents, for sharing your 2020 Bruin Cub pics with us.

Bruin Cub #18

This Bruin Cub's favorite sport is hockey, and his favorite food is sushi. He likes to ride bikes and knows a lot about biking and building bikes. He also really enjoy hanging out with friends and family. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Orange County, California. His favorite thing to do in California was bodyboarding. His family moved to Dallas in July 2018; he enjoy hunting and fishing here in Texas. He would like to study microbiology and engineering in college. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #19

This Bruin Cub has only attended SBS for one year. His favorite teacher is Ms. Grisham. He loves to go to the beach and Disney World / Disneyland. His favorite sport is volleyball. His last vacation was Hermosa Beach, California. In the fall he will be attending Jesuit. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #20

This Bruin Cub loves to play football, basketball, and baseball. This year he loved playing basketball with his new SBS friends. His favorite hobbies are fishing and riding his bike. His favorite subjects in school are math and science, and his favorite teacher is Mr. McCormick. His last vacation was in Philadelphia. He will be attending Bishop Lynch in the fall. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #21

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS for 4 years. As a Bruin she played volleyball and basketball. She is also in both NJHS and Student Council. Her favorite subject is math and she is very excited to be a Bishop Lynch Friar next year. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #22

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS since 6th grade. He has played football and baseball in the past and currently plays soccer. He is looking forward to graduating from Cristo Rey and pursuing an undergraduate and master's degree in the future. Who am I?

Bruin Cub #23

This Bruin Cub has attended SBS for 4 years. His favorite class is math, and his favorite teacher is Mr. McCormick. Reading is his favorite pastime. He is looking forward to attending North Lake Early College High School next year. Who am I?


This past week, SBS celebrated the birthdays of Melissa Wortham and our principal, Laurie Senecal, with car parades and best wishes on Facebook. We also celebrated the wonderful accomplishment of teacher Ashley Appelman, who was selected as the recipient of a HALO "Educator of the Year Award," which honors distinguished educators from Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Dallas. Congratulations, Mrs. Appelman - we are so proud of you!
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BL Summer Camps

The new Virtual Camp Clubhouse will bring the best of BL’s summer camps straight to you! With an all-access family pass for just $129, you can get both recorded videos and live streaming instruction throughout the summer months. You can access more information on their website.


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