Team Lyons

February 2014 Newsletter

January Numbers! $9,025.50 All Time Record!

January was a great month for Team Lyons. I was worried about my own numbers because our lives are consumed around here with the National Western Stock Show. I just told myself I'd do what I could and whatever happened would have to work. It worked! I had an amazing sales opportunity present itself to me and sales continued to roll in after that. We had great numbers from our own team and hit an all time high sales goal! Moral of the story, don't give up, you never know what is going to be around the corner.

Conference July 10-12 in Denver

Conference Bucks

Conference Registration will require a $50 deposit. The other $200 can all be earned by sales reached during the time period of January 1st - April 30th. Stars for Sales, Recuits, achieving Start Swell levels, and sales goals during the Ready, Set, Sell promotion that will be held in April. Not only will RSS earn you free products, but also stars towards conference. There is additional training called Super Day, I asked around and apparently this is something you should try not to miss! Extra training, and everyone raved about how great it was! Set your goals for the Stars! The kind you can earn by sales and I hope to see you at the Conference in July!